1962 MG A Deluxe Supercharged RoadsterSOLD

RM Auctions - The Ponder Collection - Texas - April 20-21st, 2007

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ESTIMATE: $55,000 - $75,000


$49,500 Sold

Est. 110bhp, 1,622 cc overhead valve inline four-cylinder engine, Judson supercharger, four-speed manual transmission, live rear axle, four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 94"

A Very Fresh Supercharged Example with only Five Miles on the Restoration 1962 MGA Mk II Deluxe Roadster

The MGA was born out of competition. In 1951, Syd Enever, MG’s chief designer, built a one-off streamlined body to be fitted on an MG TD chassis for racing. It appeared at Le Mans that same year and lapped the course at 120mph, but retired with engine failure.
A new engine was in the works, as was a frame that provided a much needed lower seating position. They appeared in 1952 as the prototype for the next MG, but Leonard Lord, who was now in charge of MG via the formation of BMC, was not impressed. He contracted the help of Donald Healey to rethink the new MG and work on a revised prototype commenced.
With Healey’s guidance, the new MGA was finally ready in 1955, and was shown at all the major British and European auto shows. Production for 1956 totaled 13,000, which exceeded the number of MG TCs built over four years.

Initially fitted with a 68bhp 1,500cc engine, performance was a tad anemic so in 1959 the MGA was upgraded with a 79.5bhp 1,600cc unit. An earlier call for power had seen an ill-fated Twin Cam version in 1958, which only lasted until 1959.

Abingdon had many surplus Twin Cam parts including chassis frames, suspension and brake parts, steering racks and solid disc wheels with knock-offs. As a result they offered an MG 1600 Mk I Deluxe model, of which only 395 were produced.

The final version of the MGA appeared in 1962 and was known as the Mk II. It sported a new recessed grille, a new block, a slightly larger 1,622 cc engine, a vinyl-covered dashboard, single horizontal taillights to meet new government regulations and other minor changes. These Mk II models were also available in Twin-Cam inspired Deluxe form.

The 1962 MGA Mk II Deluxe Roadster offered here features a common in its day, Judson supercharger to boost the power of the standard 1,622cc powerplant. A supercharger was an easy and inexpensive way to increase horsepower and the Judson unit, made in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, gave substantial gains even at low rpm.

Painted Chariot Red, the MGA Mk II Deluxe roadster is still quite fresh from its restoration, having only been driven five miles since completion. Very presentable overall, only under close scrutiny are minor flaws visible in the paint. The interior is finished in red and appears virtually flawless in both craftsmanship and condition. Under the bonnet, the 1,622cc engine with its Judson supercharger has been completely rebuilt and fully detailed. In addition to the engine modifications, the roadster is equipped with a low, competition-style windscreen, which eliminates the need for a conventional top, and in its place a full tonneau cover can be fitted. The MGA also sports Deluxe accessories which include among other things, four-wheel disc brakes and solid disc wheels with knock-offs.

Records indicate that only 313 MGA Mk II Deluxe models were built using the 1,622cc engine, of which 23 were coupes and 290 were roadsters. Interestingly, most were built in April/May of 1962 to use up all the leftover Twin Cam parts, as MGA production was coming to an end.

A rare Deluxe Mk II Roadster, made extra fast thanks to the Judson supercharger and all the other competition parts, this is a very desirable MGA for both show and go.

Reference Number 7577

as of 2/27/2007

Car 1962 MG A Deluxe Supercharged Roadster
VIN 62GHNL2108296 
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