1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTSSOLD

RM Auctions - The Ponder Collection - Texas - April 20-21st, 2007

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ESTIMATE: $125,000 - $150,000


$187,000 Sold

195hp, 2,418 cc double-overhead cam V6 engine, five-speed manual transmission, four-wheel independent suspension and four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 92.1"

Believed to be One of Approximately Five Cars Originally Delivered with Borrani Wire Wheels and Less Than 5,000 Miles From New 1974 Ferrari 246 GTS Dino

At the 1965 Paris Auto show, Ferrari’s introduction of the 275GTB, its first independent rear suspension car, was overshadowed by the dramatic Dino 206S Speciale show car, a mid-engined concept featuring a mock two-liter V6 engine. The show car was created as a tribute to the late Alfredino ‘Dino’ Ferrari and as such had no Ferrari emblems on it whatsoever.

It was not until the Turin Auto show of 1966 that a working prototype of the Dino was seen. It was called the Dino Berlinetta GT. Although Enzo originally had no plans to make a production version, the attention the show cars were drawing was tempting him to reconsider. Customers would have to wait just one more year for the production version to appear, once again introduced in Turin.

Powered by a transversely mounted V6, the 206 Dino GT was not only Ferrari’s first mid-engined production car, but was also a new Ferrari-based Dino brand (although it is probably safe to assume the word “brand” never crossed Ferrari’s lips). And, like the original Dino show car, the production version was presented devoid of any Ferrari identification.
The 180hp, 1,986cc engine powering the Dino was largely built by Fiat, foreshadowing the growing relationship between Ferrari and the Italian auto giant. Even with Dino badges and a Fiat-built engine, the 206 GT’s lineage was clearly Ferrari, thanks not only to the Pininfarina bodywork, but also by offering an elevated level of performance the public had come to expect of Ferrari.

The Dino’s performance became even more exhilarating in 1969 when the V6 was enlarged to 2,418cc and the output was increased to 195 horsepower. Renamed the 246 GT, it would prove to be the ultimate evolution of the Dino, and would be offered as either a standard hardtop or as a Targa, called the GTS in 1972. Both the GT and the GTS would stay in production until 1974.

While Ferraris have always been about free revving high performance engines, the Dino 246 GTs have quick, responsive handling that immediately separates them from earlier front-engined Ferraris, and marks the shift that led directly to the present generation of rear engine Ferrari road cars. Historically significant, the Dino was the only production car that combined the dynamic advantages of a mid-mounted engine without the angular wedge shape designs that would characterize Ferraris from the mid-70s well into the 90s.
The 1974 Ferrari 246 Dino GTS presented here is a superb, highly original example that, aside from a repaint in the original Rosso Corsa, remains completely unrestored. The interior is all original, with black seats and red inserts, power windows, air conditioning and a Blauplunkt stereo. A very rare option, the Dino is believed to have been originally delivered with Borrani wire wheels, and including the spare in the front, retains all five. Mr. Ponder purchased the Dino for the collection over 15 years ago and has driven it only sparingly since then, maintaining its outstanding authentic and correct overall condition.

With 4,284 miles, believed to be original registered on the odometer, the Dino shows only minimal wear in both the interior and the engine bay. Remarkably preserved, overall the 246 GTS displays a quality of fit and finish that a Ferrari with less than 5,000 miles should.

Reference Number 7583

as of 2/27/2007

Car 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS
VIN 07902 
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