1954 Jaguar D-Type Alloy RecreationSOLD

RM Auctions - The Ponder Collection - Texas - April 20-21st, 2007

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ESTIMATE: $125,000 - $175,000


$148,500 Sold

Est. 265hp 3,781cc, dual overhead camshaft inline six-cylinder Jaguar engine, three dual-barrel Weber carburetors, four-speed manual transmission, front and rear independent suspension and four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 96"

From the moment of its introduction, the ready-to-race D-Type Jaguar was a winner. This was proven at Le Mans where it won the 24 Hours three times in as many years – 1955, 1956 and 1957. From its small, front oval air intake and canopied headlights to its rear head-faring vertical wing, the D-Type Jaguar’s aero design was far ahead of its time. Most sources now cite Jaguar’s total production of the all conquering D-Type at 87 vehicles, 67 of which are primarily considered the more or less production versions with an additional 20 comprising pre-production, prototype and test variants.

In any case, today there are simply too few surviving examples to satisfy the enthusiast and historic racers urge to, own, drive, tour and race these amazing machines. On the rare occasion where an original example comes to market it is common for prime examples to carry price tags well into the seven figures.

As such, for nearly 30 years a cottage industry of replicas, good and bad have been available for much more modest sums. Many such replicas are built with pride and quality and in many ways are equal to or in some cases actually superior to the original factory design. Nonetheless, any replica by its nature can only emulate the original. It does, however, provide an enthusiast with a more modest budget the opportunity to experience what is without a doubt one of the finest sports cars ever created.

In the early 1980s, the South Ireland, New Zealand based Tempero Automobile Company began a painstaking limited production run of new D-Types based faithfully and directly on the original Jaguar factory designs.

Rather than compromise with the use of existing fiberglass molds or adding new panels to an existing E-Type Roadster, Tempero created as per Jaguars original blueprints all new monocoques and front sub-frames. For the exterior body, they constructed a correct wooden buck to which dedicated craftsmen pounded, rolled and fitted alloy panels in order to complete what is arguably one of the sexiest bodies ever fitted to an automobile. While other shops around the world were doing similar recreations of Jaguars D-Type’s, few have the reputation for quality of build and attention to detail of those assembled by Tempero.
Approximately 15 years ago, Alan Holmes of The Fine Automobile Store in San Diego, California, having been so impressed by a Tempero D-Type recreation he saw, commissioned 12 more to be built by the New Zealand firm. During construction, all stops were pulled to ensure the recreations adhered to original D-Type specifications. The example presented here is one of those 12 D-Type recreations.

Today, the engine is very clean, and looks impressive with its three dual-barrel 45DCOE 152 Weber carburetors. With only 1,554 kilometers registered on the odometer, there is some wear evident in the sparse green leather interior and some minor evidence of road use visible in the paint, however the underside of the Jaguar remains very clean overall.

This Jaguar is ideal for the enthusiast who cannot afford to add an original D-Type to their collection, or for the collector who owns an original D-Type Jaguar but is reluctant to take it out on the track. Finished in the appropriate and failsafe color of British Racing Green, with white roundels and racing number 56, as well as D-Type Dunlop pegged alloy wheels with knock offs wrapped in Dunlop racing tires, it is ready for both hairpin turns or fast straights. As a wonderful hand built alloy recreation, the Jaguar offers everything British sports car collectors would expect from a top quality replica as well as an original D-Type, but ultimately this is a guilt-free car with tremendous upside for enjoyment.

Please note that this vehicle is titled as a 1964 and by the body number.

Reference Number 7584

as of 2/27/2007

Car 1954 Jaguar D-Type Alloy Recreation
VIN 309030 
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