1929 Bugatti Type 35B RecreationSOLD

RM Auctions - The Ponder Collection - Texas - April 20-21st, 2007

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ESTIMATE: $375,000 - $450,000


$258,500 Sold

130bhp, 2261cc, supercharged straight eight-cylinder engine, four-speed gearbox, four-wheel cable brakes. Wheelbase: 94"

The larger than life Ettore Bugatti was directly responsible for one of the most legendary racing cars of all time, the Bugatti T35B. As much an artist as a mechanical genius, Etorre Bugatti was destined to build some of the world’s finest cars. The Type 35 represents the pinnacle of his engineering ingenuity and has been termed the ultimate racing cliché.
Even his first pre-WWI Bugatti Type 13 was years ahead of most cars, with its overhead camshaft engine, four-speed gearbox, superior handling and steering. Bugatti’s first 2.0-liter straight-eight engine appeared in the Type 30 in 1922, but due to the fact it had only three main bearings, the long crankshaft was poorly supported and caused a great deal of trouble.
Learning from this, Bugatti took the same engine and re-designed it with five main bearings of the ball and roller type for its crankshaft. The new Type 35 engine had two inlet valves and one exhaust per cylinder and a single camshaft driven by a shaft and bevels. From a design point, it is one of the cleanest engines ever built.

The valves were restrictive, so the adoption of a super-charger in 1926 was a natural route to more power. Horsepower rose from 90 to 120 at the rear wheels. The Bugatti Type 35 debuted at the French Grand Prix in 1924 where it was capable of speeds in excess of 100mph. In later supercharged form, speeds of up to 120mph were possible in the 800kg (1,764lbs) Type 35.

It has been said that the two-seater racing car had a beauty that has never been equaled. The artistic side of Ettore Bugatti was clearly evident in the Type 35B’s elegant shape. The cockpit was the widest part of the body, from there, the shape tapered forward to the traditional horseshoe grille and rearwards to form a neat tail at the back. The cast aluminum wheels were as distinctive as its akimbo front wheels. It is this front view that was selected to adorn the badge of the BRDC which is one of the world’s oldest single marque organizations.

As for the Type 35B’s racing success, it has filled many books. It absolutely dominated international competition in the period lasting from 1924 through 1929. In fact, in 1925 alone the 35B has been credited with 412 racing victories.

In his fine, “Book of Racing Car Track Tests“ (Patrick Stephens Ltd. 1989), Willie Green states, “The Bugatti (Type 35B) is the sort of car that most people can drive quickly quite easily, and the real hot-shots, like Chiron and Nuvolari, could drive very, very quickly. Quick, rugged, reliable, with superb handling, it is the epitome of all a great racing car should be.”
The Bugatti Type 35 has always been a collectible car and in the past few years the cost of ownership has increased dramatically. As a result, numerous recreations have been offered, from basic kit cars to sophisticated reproductions hand-crafted to exact specifications, such as the example offered here.

Leonidas Jorge Anadón owns a tiny company known as Pur Sang situated in Villa Lola, Paraná, which is about 500 kilometers from Buenos Aires. This small, but dedicated company has been building high-quality Bugatti T35 replicas since the 1980s. The company also fabricates parts for owners of the original Ettore Type 35s, as well as even replicating some of the tools.

Anadon’s skilled craftsmen, using traditional techniques including the forging of the unique hollow axle, manufacture each and every component to Ettore Bugatti’s original factory specifications. After assembly, the engine is fired up and tested until the team is satisfied that it is ready to be installed into a waiting chassis.

Pur Sang’s Type 35 recreation is visually and dimensionally identical to the original cars, although some deviation to originality takes place at the wishes of the customer. Jorge Anadon, owner and founder of the company, now has sixty employees and manufactures almost the entire car in-house. Handcrafted, precision-built, a typical build time can be up to six months.

Well known throughout the Bugatti world, many claim the Pur Sang Bugatti Type 35 is the best reproduction Bugatti in the world. With its beautiful maroon paintwork and contrasting tan interior with dark brown piping, this Pur Sang 35B is ready for the open road or the next car show. Along with its inherent style this 35B features such extras as a grille guard, side-mounted picnic basket, Marchal headlamps, cycle fenders, leather strapped in side-mounted spare tire and a motometer.

Under the hood lives a fully detailed supercharged straight eight engine that Ettore Bugatti would be proud of. Apart from its beautiful appearance and exquisite detailing, it performs and sounds every bit like a true Bugatti. Exceptionally presented and ready to use and enjoy, the Pur Sang T35 is about as close as it gets to driving like Fangio with reckless abandon and enthusiasm.

The Type 35B has become the quintessential Bugatti. Expensive to buy, expensive to play with, this much-admired recreation provides all the driving pleasures and thrills of the real thing at a fraction of the cost.

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as of 2/27/2007

Car 1929 Bugatti Type 35B Recreation
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