1956 Austin-Healey 100 M (BN2) Factory Le Mans RoadsterSOLD

RM Auctions - The Ponder Collection - Texas - April 20-21st, 2007

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ESTIMATE: $100,000 - $150,000

$231,000 Sold

110bhp, 2,660cc, inline four-cylinder engine, twin SU carburetors, four-speed manual gearbox with overdrive, independent front with rear semi-elliptic leaf springs and four-wheel hydraulic brakes. Wheelbase: 90"

Donald Healey knew that there was a sizable market in the United States for an open two-seat automobile that was fast and stylish. The 100/4 Roadster was designed specifically to tap that market, from the long hood leading up to the fold down windshield to the narrow wire wheels, it just screamed “sports car”. An instant success, approximately 10,000
Austin-Healey 100/4s were produced between 1953 and 1956.

Their success can be attributed to the fact that the Austin-Healey 100/4 was one of the greatest values of all postwar British sports cars. Given the numbers, over 110mph, 0 to 60 in 10.3 seconds, over 25mpg, and all for under $3,000US. Combine these figures with the car’s unquestionable visual appeal and it becomes clear that Austin-Healey had pinned the winning formula that would deliver the virtues of British sports roadsters to the American masses.

The Le Mans M models were, without question, the finest evolution of the model. They offered superior performance and enough visibly recognizable modifications to instantly set themselves apart from the rest of the Healeys on the streets. Mechanical upgrades included 8:1 compression ratio pistons, a high-lift camshaft, upgraded carburetors, a freer breathing intake manifold, and a modified distributor, which translated to an addition 20 horsepower and a total of 154 foot-pounds of torque. Many of the cars were regularly raced and as a result, were often left in disrepair and in need of restoration well before their time.

Nevertheless, the 100M was often imitated and duplicated by standard 100/4 and 100-6 owners who would routinely upgrade their standard version cars to the M specifications.
The 1956 Austin-Healey presented here is an authentic factory built 100M Le Mans Roadster. Only 640 100M Le Mans cars were ever built as such from the factory, however a much larger number were converted to Le Mans specifications, as it was a popular dealer option.

Painted black with red coves and matching wire wheels, the 100M Le Mans looks especially menacing. A matching numbers example, it was a remarkably straight and original vehicle before restoration. Now sporting a new red and black leather interior with red and black carpet and a black top, the passenger compartment is in exceptional condition, displaying an impressive level of craftsmanship. Mirroring this condition, the engine bay, with its polished surfaces and twin SU carburetors, is also very presentable. Additionally, the Healey is complete with all the correct accessories including the spare tire and rim, tools, tonneau cover, side curtains, sleek raked fold down windshield, Lucas PL headlamps, a louvered hood and a bonnet strap.

Undoubtedly, this genuine factory built 100M Le Mans Austin-Healey will attract a great deal of attention at vintage racing events for its superlative performance or at show for its striking good looks. This is truly a rare opportunity to acquire a distinctive 100M in superb condition.

Reference Number 7624

as of 2/27/2007

Car 1956 Austin-Healey 100 M (BN2) Factory Le Mans Roadster
VIN BN2L233008 
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