1970 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3SOLD

1970 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3

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Exterior Color: Champaign/Gold
Interior Color: Green MB-Tex
Doors: 4-Doors
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Engine: 6.329 cc-V8
Top Speed: 214
Horsepower: 300 HP
Torque: 425 ft lbs

JUST FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE 6.3, IT WAS THE FASTEST PRODUCTION CAR IN THE WORLD IN ITS TIME. THIS WAS & STILL IS CAPABLE OF CRUISING ON THE HIGHWAY @ SPEEDS IN EXCESS OF 110 MPH ALL DAY/EVERYDAY. THIS CAR IS MOSTLY ORIGNAL AS IT CAME TO THE STATES. THE CAR HAS ZERO RUST AND APPEARS TO HAVE HAD ONE MAJOR PAINT RE-SPRAY, A VERY CLEAN CAR. INTERIOR IS THOUGHT TO HAVE BEEN CHANGES FROM THE ORIGINAL VELOUR AS A LOT OF GERMAN/EUROPEAN CARS WERE AND A NEWER MB-TEX WAS INSTALLED SOME TIME IN THE PAST AND IS IN VERY NICE CONDITION. EXPECTED, MECHANICAL WORK HAS BEEN PERFORMED THROUGHOUT THE YEARS, ITEM'S TO KEEP THE CAR RUNNING WELL. THE AIR BELLOWS FOR THE SUSPENSION HAVE BEEN REPLACED IN THE PAST AND THE CAR IS GOING THROUGH A COSMETIC DETAILING AT THE PRESENT TIME. THE ORIGNAL BECKER RADIO IS OUT OF THE CAR FOR REPAIRS. ALTHOUGH NOT DOCUMENTED WE HAVE EVERY REASON TO BELIEVE BY THE OVERALL CONDITION SUCH AS THE STEERING WHEEL, SHIFTER KNOB, THOSE TELL TAIL SIGNS THAT THE MILAGE IS CORRECT. THERE IS NO PAPER TRAIL ON THE CAR WHEN WE ACQUIRED IT, AS THE LADIES HUSBAND HAD PASSED AWAY QUITE A FEW YEARS BACK. UPON INSPECTING THE CAR, MOST PARTS LOOKED FACTORY ORIGNAL. NEVER THE LESS, THIS CAR IS 38 YEARS OLD AND ISSUES/PARTS NEED REBUILDING OR REPLACEMENT FROM SHEAR AGE. ALL OTHER COMPONENTS PRESENTLY WORK AS THEY SHOULD SUCH AS THE A/C, A RARE SUNROOF, ELECTRIC WINDOWS ETC BUT AGAIN WE WILL INSPECT. THE 300SEL 6.3 IS RATED AS ONE OF THE BEST INVESTMENT IN THE NEAR FUTURE, WITH ONLY 6,500 MADE IN HISTORY WORLDWIDE AND A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF THEM IN NEED OF COMPLETE RESTORATION OR ALREADY IN THERE GRAVE YARDS FROM EXTENSIVE USE. THE MB 300SEL- 6.3 WILL VERY LIKELY OUT PACE THE MARKET IN APPRECIATION IN THE NEXT 5-10 YEARS. A CAR THAT YOU CAN LITERALLY USE DAILY. THIS CAR IS NOT ONLY A CROWD PLEASER, BUT HAS OWNERSHIP EXHILARATION. The following is an article found on-line in one of many Mercedes Benz write-ups on the 300SEL-6.3. Mercedes produced 6526 6-3's between December 1967 and September 1972. Of these, 1839 made their way stateside, selling for $14,400. Today, the 6.3 is now considered as collectable as the relatively anemic two-door or convertible Model W109 280's. You can pick up a 6-3 for less than the original purchase price — but be warned! The air suspension is fiendishly difficult and horrifically expensive to repair. The air conditioning system must be completely rebuilt. Rust can also be a major problem. In fact, if ever a classic car should only be purchased in a fully restored condition (owners spend WELL over market value on repairs) and completely checked by an expert, the Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 is it. Pay the price and purchase a car that is free of rust and has had major components repaired. A fully restored 6.3 can be well over 75,000. A good driver with some major repairs, like the suspension system rebuilt should be in the 25-40,000 range. But the 6-3 is worth it. Not only was the luxoliner the first automotive stealth fighter — complete with superb brakes and reasonable steering feel — and a completely practical proposition (when running), but it also represents all that was holy about the Mercedes brand. Aside from the first 100 hand-made models, the 6-3 was the world's best built automobile, engineered with almost comical attention to detail. (When you lifted the hood, the air fan automatically switched off.) Although the "new" Maybach is a bit of a modern parallel, it doesn't have half the class and style of its spiritual forbearer

Reference Number 77261

as of 4/10/2010

Car 1970 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3
Mileage 48,000 miles 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car
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Cosmetic Restoration #2 to 3-