1971 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3SOLD

1971 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3

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Exterior Color: Tunis Beige Metallic
Interior Color: Cream
Doors: 4-Doors Sa
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Engine: 6300 cc 6.3 litre
Top Speed: 180 MPH
Horsepower: 275 HP

My Classic Car Garage is pleased to offer for sale a gorgeous, exceptionally clean European delivery W109 300SEL 6.3. Always a California car, this 6.3’s last owner (only its second) was a Mercedes factory trained master mechanic of 40 years, who finally retired as the service director of the Mercedes dealership in Palm Springs, CA. Needless to say, the car has been exceedingly well cared for and maintained, the favorite car in the owner’s modest collection. Also with the dry Southern California climate, the car is completely RUST-FREE. The perfectly straight body is covered in a gorgeous metallic champagne finish (462 Tunis Beige Metallic) and is free of any dings, scratches or blemishes, most importantly, the massive M100 engine provides performance that can only be described as legendary. If you’ve been looking for a 6.3, or any exceptional vintage Mercedes, this car certainly deserves your attention. Originally ordered and picked in Germany by a San Francisco doctor, the car soon moved along with the doctor’s family to the arid climate of Palm Springs, CA. The doctor kept the car for years, eventually selling it to a friend of his (the service director at V.I.P. Mercedes Benz of Palm Springs) who’d been eyeing it for years. Since the second owner purchased the car in the late 1990’s, thousands upon thousands of dollars have been spent on mechanicals and cosmetics to bring it back to the gorgeous condition that it’s in now. The car’s exterior is truly exceptional, marred only by only the most minor of imperfections (i.e. rock chips) which have each been professionally touched up. The exterior is completely straight, with correct fits and gaps all around and no evidence of accidents or rust repair of any sort. The finish is very clean, retaining astonishing depth and luster, and the color is wonderfully era specific, complimenting the car’s notorious “sleeper” persona perfectly. All of the chrome is in excellent condition, as is the glass and exterior rubber, which is perfect save for a single crack on the rubber passenger side bumper insert that will be corrected. All of the lights are perfect and the wheels are in excellent condition, wrapped in brand new tires. The interior is equally as clean and completely original. The European optioned velour seats are perfect, showing only the most negligible of wear and still providing sturdy but comfortable support. All of the interior panels and carpets are perfect, as is the headliner, which is free of any rips or sagging, including in its power sunroof panel. This sunroof, a rare option, is fully functional, as is the AC system. The dash too is in perfect condition (uncracked), and it houses its original wood which remains nice but not nice enough for My Classic Car Garage standards, so we are removing all of it and having it completely restored by a professional high quality wood shop, then installed to complete this car to a high quality like the rest of the car. The original Becker radio is fully functional but again being sent out to Becker for a complete restoration, the power windows and heating and cooling systems are like new. The 6.3’s performance is legendary, and this car lives up to the hype. Starting right up and idling smoothly, the car pulls with completely even and truly astonishing force, bringing the car to impressive speeds with the smoothness that only a Mercedes can offer. With only 89k original, well-maintained miles, it’s no surprise that the compression is strong across all cylinders. The car brakes strongly, just as it drives: completely straight, and the storied air suspension remains at the correct level indefinitely. It is a joy to drive in any situation, but is incomparable when at speed on the highway, its renowned suspension providing what is arguably the best drive quality of any sports sedan in history. A marvel of engineering in its day, the car holds up with any modern sedan, and does it with panache and exclusivity. Upon its release, Road and Track called the 6.3, “simply the greatest sedan in the world”, and it’s not hard to understand why. With 300 horsepower, an incredible 0-60 mph time of 6.5 seconds and a 9-1 compression ration (later detuned to 8-1 to meet emissions regulations), the 6.3 is competitive with any of the sports cars of its day. What made (and continues to make) it truly distinctive was that Mercedes’ engineers achieved such incredible performance from a fully optioned luxury sedan weighing over 3800 lbs. In terms of exclusivity and sheer motoring pleasure there really is no finer car available. Only 6,500 units were ever produced worldwide, with less than 1500 in 1971. With rust, accidents and neglect taking so many of them off the road, the cars have become exceedingly rare, which has of course been followed by ever increasing valuations. To find an unmolested, rust-free example such as this is truly a rare opportunity to own the true king of the road. Call me to discuss other details Christopher @ 978.609.0358

Reference Number 77282

as of 4/10/2010

Car 1971 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3
Mileage 78,000 miles 
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Great Condition - Driver 2 to 3