1932 Buick Series 55 Eight Sport PhaetonSOLD
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Special Body by Holden One of the most collectible and important Bucks with less than 70 examples custom built for the US and 34 for export. The 1932 Buicks were thought by many to be one of the best years for styling as the Great Depression cut orders and the factories did what they could to continue to attract buyers offering many additional features and refinements. This example of a custom bodied American Classic has all the right elements of style; rarity; and condition. This example was in storage as part of a collection for many decades and the result is an unmolested car without rust damage and with all of its original trim and décor intact. Interestingly this is an extremely rare and valuable example of a Holden Bodied Buick that found its way back to North America. The Holden Company is today known as General Motors Australia Division however was a coach builder to GM using chassis supplied by Buick and other GM Divisions in the 1920’s and 30s.

This example appears to have been converted sometime ago from a RHD to a LHD. At present according to the Buick Club of Australia there exists only nine 1932 Holden Bodied Buicks remaining in Australia and no Sport Phaeton Bodied Holden exists anywhere in their registry.

This example could be the only one left in the world. The running gear is standard Series 55 Buick Straight 8 Engine with a three-speed transmission. The car comes with fitted side curtains for bad weather as well as a boot cover for the phaeton top when it is in the lowered position. Lastly, this car has all features that were available at extra cost including the wire wheels and dual side mounted spares; dual horns; dual driving lamps; dual tail lights; accent lamps in the rear passenger compartment; dash mounted clock plus rear mirror mounted clock; adjustable ride control; luggage rack and trunk; and the fully adjustable sport windscreen.

Reference Number 7824

as of 3/11/2007

Car 1932 Buick Series 55 Eight Sport Phaeton
Exterior / Interior Color      Dark Red /      Tan 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
Options Exterior: Wire wheels
Interior: Leather interior 
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