1978 Mercedes-Benz SL Class (R107 / W107) 450 SLC 5,0 AMG gr2 MAMPE ReplicaSOLD

1978 Mercedes 450 SLC AMG group 2 Mampe replica. Works aluminium engine. FIA documents underway

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European car with all european taxes paid.

A very original and well executed 450 SLC AMG Group 2 replica, in the 1978 Le Mans configuration with an aluminium V8 and automatic gearbox.

The current owner (a motorsport professional) wanted to build a vehicle as close as possible to the Le Mans configuration. He was able to located a 5L V8 aluminium works engine, identical to the Le Mans engine and of the vehicles which competed in the Bandama rally (the Group 2 had a 4,5 L in cast iron). After some research at Mercedes the motor was Mikkola’s spare engine. It develops 320 hp (for 1275 kg) and offers a phenomenal amount of torque (with adequate injection it should reach the 375 hp obtained in 1978).
The front and rear panels are in aluminium. In conformity to the original there’s a 120 L fuel tank in the boot and the 16 inch rims are fitted with 330 mm diameter disks and floating callipers. The gearbox is a 4 speed automatic (the group 2 had a 3 speed automatic, at Le Mans a 5 speed manual while a 4 auto was tested). The wind extensions & spoilers conform the vehicle’s configuration at Le Mans
The suspensions have had self lubricating bronze silent blocks fitted. Another interesting improvement are the rims with a single locking nut (which were introduced in 1979).

There a just a few details missing from making this vehicle e 100% conforming to the original, such as the extra radiators for the gearbox and the rear differential situated beneath the rear shocks. Everything on the vehicle is new and the owner used the vehicle a Le Mans Classic 2006. A homologation dossier has been prepared and is ready to be forwarded to FIA.
According to the owner the dossier can be forwarded either for Group 2 homologation or with some minor modification to the vehicle as a Group 5.
French registered and available near Paris.

Reference Number 7855

as of 3/13/2007

Car 1978 Mercedes-Benz SL Class (R107 / W107) 450 SLC 5,0 AMG gr2 MAMPE Replica
VIN 10702612002394  
Exterior / Interior Color      Silver /      Black 
Condition Pristine 
Mileage 500 km 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Automatic 
Options Competition: Full Race setup 
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Known History

In 1978, Mercedes created a wave of interest with their semi official return to competition via the race tuner AMG. This team ran a 450 SLC AMG in Group 2 in the European championship. They hoped for a repeat of the results obtained during the 1971 season and the second place at Spa with the highly original 300 SE 6,3L. This time around it was with the new 450 SLC coupe which was chosen. Again the design of the vehicle was very original which included for the first time on a race vehicle of this type an automatic gearbox and power steering. The vehicle was a success and won its first race at the Nürburgring in 1978 in front of the works Audis & BMW’s. That same year AMG decided to enter the vehicle in the Le Mans 24 hours. Unfortunately following gearbox problems the vehicle failed to qualify.