1909 Daimler 22 hp Roi de Belges tourerSOLD

Very elegant car with possible Edwardian royal connection.

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This newly arrived car has been owned by the same family since 1967 and apart from 9 months in 1966 there had been one recorded keeper since January 1925 who had possibly acquired the car in 1913. There appears to be one previous owner who is documented as having registered it as AO 1064 in 1911. It does not appear to been registered before that which is unusual for a car built two years earlier so there is a possibility that it had been in Royal ownership for the unrecorded two years as their cars were not always issued with number plates. It is well known that the Royal family had Daimlers and this elegant car would certainly have fitted the bill.
However, regardless of whatever its earliest history might be it is a splendid machine. It would be wrong to say that it is in concours condition but neither is it particularly untidy, it is just a nicely patinated car which can either be used just as it is or be restored to its original glory. I drove it as soon as it arrived and it all appears to function very well with the very quiet sleeve valve engine giving it quite a decent turn of spped. It feels like a car that you could drive for miles and miles, indeed the present owner's father took the car on the VCC London-Stuttgart-London run in 1971 and I understand it performed very well indeed. It certainly feels as though with a little bit of fettling and some regular use it would cheerfully do the run again.
This is a magnificent machine and one for a real connoisseur of top echelon Edwardian cars. At this price there is also an opportunity to add improve the car and add value to it.

Reference Number 8334

as of 4/5/2007

Car 1909 Daimler 22 hp Roi de Belges tourer
Exterior / Interior Color      White /      Red 
Condition Very Good 
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