1958 Buick Limited ConvertibleSOLD
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Estimate: $125,000-$175,000 US

Offered Without Reserve

AUCTION RESULTS: Lot was Sold at a price of $236,500

300bhp 364 cu. in. V8 engine, Dynaflow automatic transmission, coil spring independent front suspension with leaf spring live rear axle, and four-wheel power assisted drum brakes. Wheelbase: 127.5"

The 1958 Buick Limited Convertible was an immense 227.1-inches long, more than 3.7-inches longer than the Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz!

The divisions of General Motors in the late 1950s were commercial city-states ruled by all-powerful general managers who lived like the Doges of Venice and similarly delighted in showing up their rivals with displays of opulence. The rivals of GM’s Doges weren’t just at Ford or Chrysler, either. They picked, poked and poached at the other divisions, too. The Limited was Buick’s thrust into Cadillac territory. Even the choice of model name was a poke at Alfred Sloan’s carefully crafted divisional structure, resurrecting a nameplate that had probed Cadillac’s borders in the 1930s before being smacked down by GM management.

And what a machine the Limited was. It was big, opulent and was bedecked with chrome and loaded with every comfort, convenience and accessory Buick could conceive. The interior boasted full leather upholstery, tucked and buttoned like the most sumptuous furniture.

These were the days when every GM division had its own engines and Buick’s 364 cubic inch V8 featured 10:1 compression and thumped out 300 horsepower at 4,600 rpm. The proprietary Dynaflow transmission offered a Flight Pitch torque converter that multiplied the big V8’s power and torque and made lightning downshifts at speed for passing performance. The Limited convertible was every bit as luxurious as the Eldorado, and outsold it as well.

The 1958 Buick Limited convertible offered here is an outstanding professionally restored example presented in an attractive original color with a white interior and top that is beautifully set off by the wide whitewall tires. It is loaded with every conceivable option and has been restored to uniformly high standards. The sparkling chrome of the Limited’s dashboard is a show by itself and it is complemented by the liberal array of exterior chrome that is the hallmark of the extravagant Buick Limited.

Aptly named, total production of the Limited Convertible in 1958 was less than 900 examples, and today less than two dozen of them are known to exist. Altogether a spectacular automobile, with a little attention this Limited could be made as close to perfect as a car could be. Having never been exhibited for judging, there exists a extensive and rewarding show career in the near future of this Limited Convertible, should its next owner choose to embark on such a campaign.

Reference Number 8648

as of 4/17/2007

Car 1958 Buick Limited Convertible
VIN 8E6019709 
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