1906 Cadillac Model M Delivery WagonSOLD
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Estimate: $50,000-$70,000 US

Offered Without Reserve

AUCTION RESULTS: Lot was Sold at a price of $85,250

10hp, 98.2 cu. in. horizontally mounted single-cylinder engine, Cadillac updraft mixer carburetor, two-speed planetary transmission and two-wheel mechanical rear wheel brakes. Wheelbase: 76"

In 1905, the Cadillac Automobile Company and Leland and Faulconer merged to form the Cadillac Motor Car Company with Henry Leland becoming the general manager. Through Leland’s efficient methods of manufacturing, Cadillac achieved a maximum production capacity of one car every 10 minutes of each 10 hour working day, which was a very good thing because the following year would turn out to be Cadillac’s best year ever for sales.

Further contributing to Cadillac’s success, their vehicles’ quality and reliability were becoming well known attributes thanks to advertising stemming from its own customers. “Leaping the Gap” was one such popular promotion; in 1906 a doctor in Los Angeles took his stock Model K and jumped it from one ramp to another without inducing damage to the axles or suspension.

In 1906, Cadillac boasted the fact that there were nearly 14,000 one-cylinder Cadillacs on the road, exceeding the total of any three other makes combined. It was during this period that the famous Cadillac script began to appear on the radiators for the first time and the Cadillac coat-of-arms became a registered trademark. All the bodies were now Victorian style with a rounded hood, the dash was constructed of pressed steel and the front fenders featured a distinctive cant at the tips. The chassis remained largely the same as the one offered in 1905, with a relocation of spark control to the steering column and oil now mechanically fed from a cam on the hub of the flywheel.

Three years after the first Cadillac was offered to the public as a single model in two body styles, customers could choose from four models with a total of eight body styles to choose from.

The 1906 Cadillac Model M offered here was originally built as a delivery wagon, just as it remains today. Acquired by Mr. McMullen in 2000, he was drawn to this vehicle by its rarity and its remarkable condition; having just completed a concours quality restoration, the Cadillac was simply outstanding.

In 2003, the Cadillac Motor Company borrowed the Delivery Wagon from Mr. McMullen for a display commemorating their heritage, as part of the company’s centennial celebrations. Other than this event, the Cadillac has never been shown or campaigned on any touring events, even though it is a very competent running and driving example.

Finished in Hunter Green, with black running boards, gold lettering and red pin striping to compliment the red painted chassis and wheels, the Cadillac is very nicely finished in period correct attire. The black, diamond-tufted leather seat and interior woodwork were clearly done by expert craftsmen and remain in excellent condition. All the brass trim and hardware are polished and the engine is nicely detailed.

Close inspection reveals some signs that the restoration is aging on this vehicle, but overall, this does not detract from the Cadillac’s impressive visual presence. Remaining highly presentable, little attention would be required to elevate the Delivery Wagon to full concours quality condition once more.

Complete with unsoiled, period correct Universal Tire Company white ‘Smoothies’, beautiful brass accessories and proudly promoting “Cadillac, Detroit Michigan, Standard of the World”, this rare piece would complement any American or early automobile collection.

Reference Number 8651

as of 4/17/2007

Car 1906 Cadillac Model M Delivery Wagon
VIN 1129 
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