1962 Porsche 356SOLD

Carrera 2/GS 2000

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Our car, a ruby red 356 B Carrera 2/ 2000 GS, was delivered new in Switzerland on 4 September 1962, and has had three Swiss owners. It had clocked up 30,600 miles by the end of 1966, and was kept in the family of its third owner until 2004, when it was acquired by the dealer Christophe Grohe, who sold it to the Heritage Classics garage in California, where the current owner bought it in November 2004. The car arrived in Belgium in March 2005 for a complete overhaul: it was taken apart and all the badly damaged sound-proofing and isolating material removed; the floor and front were changed; the chassis strengthened and lightened, and a roll-bar installed in line with current FIA norms; and lighter insulating fitted. As the original Porsche disc brakes had proved inefficient, despite being restored as new, brakes from a 911 made in 1965 were fitted instead.

Our Carrera was originally red, resprayed metallic grey by a previous owner, and is now midnight blue (an optional shade at the time it was made). The engine, repaired and tuned at Derkum in Germany, currently develops 165bhp DIN; and, like the transmission, it is original. Fitted with a different engine, the car took part in the Carrera Panamericana in Mexico in 2007 (it pulled out after the 2nd stage). The original engine, restored as new, was subsequently re-mounted. It comes with its original patented fittings and accessories such as seats, four Porsche 356 disc brakes restored as new, documents from former owners, user's manual (with appendix concerning the Carrera 2), colour chart, etc. This 356 Carrera 2 is ready and rarin' to take part in vintage events, to the delight of racing enthusiasts.

Belgian registration
FIA technical passport: Class GTS 11/ 1962-65

Reference Number 87091

as of 6/20/2010

Car 1962 Porsche 356
VIN 121434 (01) 
Exterior / Interior Color      Dark Blue 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Known History

Four years after Porsche's modest Austrian beginnings, its management took an important step in deciding to create a new engine able to steal the limelight from the humble Volkswagen. It was time to exploit the qualities of the 356, which had performed brilliantly at Le Mans, in the Mille Miglia, and in various other road races, but which was starting to show its mechanical limitations. One man responded to Ferry Porsche's call for a metamorphosis: Ernst Fuhrmann, a young motoring engineer who had worked on the engine of the Cisitalia Grand Prix of 1947.


Fuhrmann, aged 33 in 1952, came up with a mechanical tour de force: the four-cylindered 547 engine. It was designed for racing, but Fuhrmann also used it as the basis for a roadcar version - a production type with the now-legendary name of Carrera. The first GS 1500 engine, immediately yielding 100bhp, helped the 356 to victory in the 1954 Liège-Rome-Liège. The Carrera GS 1500, which needed a production of 100 units for homologation in the Gran Turismo series, soon caught the imagination of car lovers. Some 700 were produced by 1960, in two versions: the Carrera De Luxe, a road car, and the Carrera GT 110bhp racing car.


A second Carrera series was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1961, this time with a 'four-camshaft' engine increased in size to 2 litres: the Type 587 engine, or 2000 GS, yielding 130bhp at 6200rpm. Despite its extra weight, the Carrera 2 was faster: it could top 125mph, and accelerate from 0-60mph in under 9 seconds. In all, Porsche produced 310 Carrera 2 356 B models and 126 Carrera 2 356 C models. The Type 587 marked the apogee of the 356 at a time when its replacement, the 911, had only just been unveiled.