1994 Pontiac TransAm 25th Anniversary EditionSOLD
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Estimate: $25,000-$35,000 US

Offered Without Reserve

AUCTION RESULTS: Lot was Sold at a price of $27,500

275hp, 350 cu. in. overhead-valve V8 engine, electronic fuel-injection, four-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission, independent front and coil spring rear suspension, four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes. Wheelbase: 101"

The Year 1994 marked the 25th anniversary of the Pontiac Trans Am, the high-performance series of Firebird, Pontiac’s answer to Ford’s Mustang. The Trans Am debuted December 1968 at the Chicago Auto Show as a 1969 limited-production option for the Firebird brand, graduating into full series for 1970. As a brand, the Firebird was introduced as a mid-year model in February 1967, kid brother to the Chevrolet Camaro.

Over the years, the Trans Am series had its ups and downs in annual popularity, rising from a low production of 1,286 for 1972 to a high of 117,108 for 1979, after full impact of 1977’s “Smoky and the Bandit” movie. During the 1980s Tran Am output waxed and waned between 32,000 and 55,000 as the industry struggled to comply with Federal fuel-economy rules that most negatively impacted performance models.

For 1993, Pontiac introduced its fourth-generation version of the Firebird with a new aerodynamic body. The Firebird’s rear-wheel drive, along with that of the Camaro, was soon the last North American outpost in General Motors for a rear-drive car chassis. The following year, a fully retractable rag-top convertible model was added, the first time in two decades, and Firebird production leaped from 14,112 to 51,523. Unfortunately, after 1986 Pontiac did not disclose breakout numbers for Firebird series or models within a series, so the complete numbers story for the 1994 model can’t be told.

The car being offered here, a dazzling 1994 Trans Am Anniversary model, is outstanding in many ways, but the most significant consideration is its odometer reading: only 858 miles. For all practical purposes, this is a rare factory fresh or showroom perfect new car, a uniquely preserved version of a limited production run in 1994. The wide blue “racing” stripe running fore and aft over the white body panels mirrors the original Trans Am option kit of a quarter century earlier, a true anniversary model.

Purchased by Mr. McMullen from a Pontiac collector in the late 1990s, this car has never been restored or shown. It’s a hatchback with removable-panel smoked-glass T-roof, white leather interior trim, and charcoal gray instrument panel and door trim panels. Unusual are the five-spoke wheels painted in white body color.

Reference Number 8728

as of 4/18/2007

Car 1994 Pontiac TransAm 25th Anniversary Edition
VIN 2G2FV22P9R2238883 
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