2004 Morgan Aero 8 GTNSOLD

No.4 of 11 made

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Registration No: VX53KTJ Engine No: 50103067 CC: 4600 Colour: Silver/Blue Trim Colour: Black MOT: July 2011

Reference Number 88296

as of 6/26/2010

Car 2004 Morgan Aero 8 GTN
VIN SA9AER080004G0276 
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Known History

What an amazing company Morgan are. Ever since they cocked a snook at Sir John Harvey-Jones' view of their manufacturing processes, they have gone from strength to strength and these days build a unique and highly desirable array of both modern and classic-style models. With the LIFECar, they have a toe firmly in the future too and, having recently celebrated their first centenary, seem all set to enjoy a second one. The list of marques that have come and gone since they were born is long indeed. Moreover, the company is still managed by a member of the Morgan family - Charles Morgan, the grandson of the founder, Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan.


Never scared of being controversial, Morgan certainly caused a stir when they launched the cross-eyed Aero 8 in 2001 - their first new model since 1948. Some loved the looks and some didn't, but what was beyond debate was that the car bristled with technology and performance to a level few could have expected from a small volume manufacturer best known for designs whose roots lay in the 1930s. Gone was the traditional Morgan steel chassis topped by an alloy-skinned wooden body tub. Instead, the car boasted an ultra-modern alloy chassis, while power came courtesy of a thumping BMW V8 - initially of 4.4-litres and now of 4.8-litres.


By 2004, the company's desire to succeed in the USA was necessitating cars with a softer edge and more creature comforts. What better time to appease those in search of ever more raw power than by building a limited run of real fire-breathing monsters inspired by their participation at Le Mans - enter the Aero 8 GTN.


In fact just 11 GTNs were made for sale. A lightweight body ensured an all-up weight of just one ton, while power came courtesy of a 4.6-litre BMW V8 engine producing 330bhp. 330bhp/ton is enough to make a car go very quickly and the GTN did, reaching 60mph in around 4.3 seconds and progressing to a top speed of around 170mph. The sound emitted in the process was music indeed.


VX53 KTJ was No.4 of the 11 GTNs made and the very car tested by Richard Hammond (himself the proud owner of an Aeromax, the Coupe version of the Aero 8) and The Stig for BBC2's Top Gear (see You Tube clip www.youtube.com/watch) and covered for the Sunday Times by Rob Brydon in place of a holidaying Jeremy Clarkson. With bodywork in blue over silver and a black leather interior, it looks suitably lean and mean. Extras on this amazing car include: radio/CD, side exit sports exhausts, Moto-Lita steering wheel, carbonfibre fascia and hardtop, air conditioning and black Centre Lock OZ alloy wheels.


Brydon said, "It sounds like the Millennium Falcon, looks like the Batmobile and goes like the clappers." Hammond commented, "It's like Mr Toad with an AK47!" Whatever slant you want to put on it, this is a car with both performance and character in spades. Moreover, with a combination of its scarcity and history really does represent a very rare opportunity for one of the many fans of the cars from Malvern Link.


PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle has a current MOT certificate expiring July 2011.