1915 Van Blerck Special SpeedsterSOLD
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Offered at Russo and Steele Auction - Monterey, CA - August 12th-14th, 2010. This true one-off masterpiece of automotive craftsmanship uses a 200-plus horsepower, 17 litre T-head six cylinder engine that was built in 1915 by Van Blerck, a famous marine engine builder in Michigan who built high-performance engines for the wooden Hacker craft raceboats for the rich and famous.

The massive engine fires using 3 spark plugs per cylinder, while the pistons are the size of a 2-pound coffee can! The thundering sound that results is as special as the engine and the car itself. Built on a pre-1920's chain-drive Fire Truck chassis, the combination of machine and rolling stock has been expertly modified by it's famous California craftsman and builder Gary Wales to accept disc brakes and even carefully-hidden power steering that helps stop and turn the huge tires. It spits out sparks and shoots out flames periodically and makes your window shake just idling in front of your home.

The 19-foot-long sleek race car body is complimented by a beautiful dash full of gold dials and period switches - and there's lots of brass parts under the hood as well as outside to include a huge period spotlight. The engine's carburetor is located on the outside on the right-hand side, and is wrapped with copper lines coming in and out. The sheer size alone of this custom racer is just as impressive. With an overall length of 214", a height of 74" ( that's over 6 ft. ) tall and with a 163" wheelbase, it is guaranteed to impress!

Reference Number 91319

as of 7/17/2010

Car 1915 Van Blerck Special Speedster
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