1941 Buick 80C Limited Convertible PhaetonSOLD

RM Auctions - Vintage Motor Cars at Meadow Brook Hall, August 3-4, 2007

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Estimate: $125,000-$175,000 US

Offered Without Reserve

AUCTION RESULTS: Lot was Sold at a price of $187,000

141bhp, 320.2 cu. in. overhead valve inline eight-cylinder engine, column shift four-speed manual transmission, semi-elliptic leaf springs with semi-floating rear axle, four-wheel hydraulic brakes. Wheelbase: 121"

In 1940, Buick presented a new line known as the Series 50 Super, which required Buick to shuffle their entire model lineup and designation system. The Series 50 Super sat one place above the Series 40 Special and shared its engine and 121-inch wheelbase. The Series 60 Century remained on its 126-inch wheelbase and was mechanically unchanged from the previous year. The Roadmaster, which had been the Series 80, was now the Series 70 and for the first time shared the same wheelbase as the Century, while its body styles were shared with the Super. The new Series 80, which offered seating for six-passengers in all its body styles, was known as the Limited and rode on the 133 inch wheelbase that had previously been reserved to the Roadmaster. At the very top was the Series 90; these cars shared the Limited moniker with the Series 80, yet differed with their 140-inch wheelbase, seating for eight and by only carrying closed coachwork.

To summarize, Buick started the 1940s by changing the Series 40, 60, 80 and 90 into the Series 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90. The public was receptive to this wider offering of Buicks and by year ’ s end production totaled 311,000, which included the assembly of Buick ’ s four millionth automobile.

The 1940 Buick ’ s features included an assembly-balanced engine in which the engine unit was assembled complete with a clutch and then checked for running balance on a special machine. They also had a redesigned smoother suspension and a three-speed synchronized transmission. Additionally, Buick also employed sealed beam headlights and “ Fore-N-Aft-Flash-Way ” directional signals for the first time on all of their cars.

In 1940, the most elegant body style produced was the Buick Limited Model 80C Convertible Phaeton, one of which we are pleased to offer here. A true showing of class, it carried a price tag of $1,952, which was more than double the price of an entry level Buick. In total, only seven examples were made; this one is number seven, which makes it not only the lowest production Buick that year, but one of the most rare Buicks ever produced.

Like all the other vehicles in the Tamaroff Collection, this 1940 Buick Limited Model 80C Convertible Phaeton was treated to a concours quality restoration adhering strictly to original factory specifications. Although it looks black in the picture, the Convertible Phaeton is finished in Verde Green, which is an original Buick color. The interior is upholstered in a lighter shade of green and the canvas top is tan. The dash is beautifully wood grained with the correct engine-turned instrument cluster and glove box. Passengers are treated to such amenities as a Sonomatic push-button radio, Fresh Air underseat heater/defroster, a lighter and ashtray, as well as a fold down armrest in the rear. Desirable features found on exterior of the Buick Limited include dual amber colored fog lamps, dual side mounted spares in hard covers with mirrors, four-wide whitewall tires and a pair of authentic 1940 Michigan license plates.

The Convertible Phaeton, like the majority of the vehicles in the Tamaroff collection, has earned its CCCA Senior badge (number 2036S). It is a truly outstanding vehicle of exceptional rarity with a highly desirable body style - what more could a collector want?

Reference Number 9169

as of 5/5/2007

Car 1941 Buick 80C Limited Convertible Phaeton
VIN 83929610 
Exterior / Interior Color      Dark Green /      Dark Green 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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