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1923 Ford T-Bucket21,995 USD - Asking Price

1923 Ford T-Bucket

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The T-bucket is perhaps the most recognized hot rod of all time. Norm Grabowski didn't know he was spawning a cultural icon when he built the first one sometime in the '50s, but this modern interpretation of the classic minimalist rod proves that the T-bucket has some serious staying power. There's definitely something going on, because we can't seem to keep these in stock! Somehow, this T-bucket manages to embody all the traditional cues that make them so popular, but has an updated look that brings the vintage T into the 21st century. Perhaps it's the cut-down and raked windshield, or maybe the billet wheels, or the HID headlights, or even the sophisticated two-stage urethane paint with glowing purple flames that seem to leap off the surface. Whatever it is, this is one fantastic-looking T. It maintains the classic proportions, with the open engine bay, compact Model T roadster body, and a stubby vestigial pickup bed out back. It's fiberglass, of course (few steel T-buckets being made these days), so fit and finish is quite good, particularly since there are no pesky doors to worry about. And while some T-buckets get a homemade look from primer and unfinished details, this one is highly polished and complete, with a beautiful hand-rubbed finish on the paint that would be at home in a Lexus dealership. Well, maybe if Lexus did bright yellow with purple metallic flames. Forget those colorful Mexican blankets that so many T-buckets use, this one gets several cows' worth of supple tan leather. Expertly stitched into a traditional pleated bench that wraps around the entire passenger compartment, it's an impressive bit of work that needs to be right, given that it's out there for everyone to see. It's also surprisingly spacious for a T-bucket, with decent legroom and plenty of comfort for longer road trips, and the angled steering column is a big improvement over the original nearly vertical setup that made T-bucket drivers feel like they were at the helm of a Greyhound bus. A beautifully finished wooden gauge panel holds brand new white-faced Dolphin gauges, and a track-style wheel has an accessory suicide knob purely for style points. Yes, it's back to basics, but the execution and detailing are absolutely first rate, and all the auxiliary controls like the turn signals and starter switch have been expertly hidden behind the dash. Nobody went minimalist with the mechanicals, which are impressive throughout. It roars to power from a 350 Ford and inhales through dual Holley 4-barrel carbs on a tunnel ram for a bigger-than-life statement of power. The engine is dressed with a ton of chrome dress-up, including valve covers, air cleaner, and accessories, along with ceramic-coated side pipes that are a key element of the T-bucket. The frame has also been painted to match, and the front suspension uses traditional wishbones and a rigid axle with vented disc brakes, all of which has been either chromed or painted to match. Out back, there's 10-bolt rear end suspended by ladder bars and coil-overs, all painted yellow to go with the rest of the chassis. An automatic transmission snaps off quick shifts and delivers power rearward via a custom driveshaft that's barely a foot long. Giant chrome wheels offer a modern take on the traditional exaggerated big-n-little configuration, wearing kinda wide 225/40/18s up front really wide 305/40/22s out back. This T-bucket is a neat combination of a traditional look with a few modern styling cues and powered by an over-achieving small block V8, which is just as it should be. Call today!

Reference Number 94076

as of 12/9/2021


Stock Number 2180-DFW

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Car 1923 Ford T-Bucket
VIN 00000000K2054 
Mileage 3,699 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car