1964 Jensen CV8 mk IISOLD

COYS - Sports Racing and Grand Prix Cars - Brands Hatch - 27th May 2007

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Estimate: ú10,000-12,000

Sold ú10,233

The Jensen brothers discovered early in their career that the answer to the perennial problem of small-volume manufacturers, that of finding a source of potent, reliable powerplants, lay with bought-in American engines. They used the excellent Ford V8 in their very handsome Phaetons of the 1930s, but on resuming production in the post-war era began to use British engines, notably the big Six from Austin. This was chosen for the 541S, the dramatic coupe in production from1953 to 1963, but the need for performance to match the superb looks resulted in the fitting of the potent Chrysler V8 from 1963 on, in the legendary CV8.

Launched at the 1962 Earls Court Show, the Jensen CV8 received much praise. Producing 305bhp at 4,800rpm from its 5,916cc Chrysler V8, mated to a three speed Torqueflite automatic transmission, it was capable not only of over 130mph but also 0-60mph in 8.4 seconds and the standing start quarter mile in 16 seconds; allied to near even weight distribution and a well-sorted chassis, together with standard limited slip differential and disc brakes, it was a very fast car. Inside, the all leather interior was luxuriously appointed.

In early 1964 the CV8 appeared in Mk II guise with engine capacity increased to 6,276cc. Output rose to 330bhp at 4,600rpm with the 0-60mph time reduced to just 7.8 seconds. Mid-1965 saw the final evolution of the car with the Mk III. When production ended in 1966, only 496 CV8's had been built.

This MK II example boasts the 6.3 litre Chrysler engine which we are told is in excellent condition. The V8 breathes through Carter Competition twin carburettors and an Interceptor exhaust. This particular car was manufactured in 1964 and was the former property of David Prowse who played Darth Vader in the first trilogy of the Star Wars Movies. The car is finished in burgundy which we are told is in good condition with a cream Connolly interior. The car is supplied with a V5 document and is perhaps one of the most unusual pieces of associated Star Wars memorabilia as well as being a fine classic in its own right.

Reference Number 9476

as of 5/13/2007

Car 1964 Jensen CV8 mk II
VIN 104/2170