1991 Aston Martin VirageSOLD

COYS - Sports Racing and Grand Prix Cars - Brands Hatch - 27th May 2007

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Estimate: ú22,000-28,000

Sold ú23,525

With less than three years between conception and display, the Virage was truly a miracle case for Aston Martin Lagonda. In 1986 A.M.L had a two door Lagonda development car on the road and had also announced a design competition for budding Aston Martin designers. The winners, Ken Greenly and John Heffernan, had created a large, modern GT - with an evolutionary link straight back to the DB4. Reeves Callaway in the US reworked the 5.3 litre V8 engine with four valves per cylinder, Weber fuel injection, a clean exhaust and an output of 330 bhp. Shown at the 1988 Birmingham Motor Show in Coupe form, with first deliveries in 1990, the sensational new Virage re-stated its forerunner's muscular looks in the modern idiom, slightly narrower but with increased interior space. With 330bhp, a top speed approaching 160mph was possible and 60mph in under 7 seconds. The Virage has a look of Menace, even when stationery. It sets new standards in speed and comfort. You will not find another car of this capability with such bespoke luxury.

When this car stands before you, its skin seems taught. It has a naturally aggressive stance and with its menacing look, has every one of those 325 horses on tap. Aston Martins are expensive things to put right however, has it been looked after is often the first question on a buyers lips. The answer is yes. The accompanying owners pack comes with a service history describing service intervals at Aston Martin specialists Donaldson & Evans at 764, 1200, 7638 and 12376 miles. Then Wolf Garage at 18712 miles and JCT Aston Martin at 20473. Nine Trees took it at 23254 and 23949 and finally 25142 miles at Aston Martin, Newport Pagnell in mid December last year. As you would expect from a car of this quality, a full years MoT will be attributed to it prior to the sale. The interior is in excellent condition throughout with only the driver's seat showing signs of light use. Press the loud pedal and smile your way to work.

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as of 5/13/2007

Car 1991 Aston Martin Virage