1939 MG TA Midget TickfordSOLD

A very elegant coachbuilt drop head MG TA sports coupe

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This very rare motor car is in super condition throughout. I imagine everyone knows MG's archetypal TA sports car with its timeless style and lively performance, however for those of you who don't know this version a bit of background information might be useful. The Salmons company origins can be traced back to the 1820s when it was set up in Newport Pagnell by Joseph Salmons. They moved from making horse drawn carriages to building car bodies in 1898. In 1925 they introduced the Tickford "all weather" roof which offered the best of both worlds in that it combined open touring bodywork with the luxury of a fully trimmed saloon when the roof was put up. They bodied cars for a number of manufacturers including MG, their offerings including this model on the TA chassis. On seeing the car the immediate impression is of a very luxurious machine when comparing it with a standard TA. The car has a fixed frame forward opening windscreen and full depth doors with wind-up windows. It has individual seats rather than the standard bench-back arrangement. There is an attractive polished wood dashboard with a polished wood capping and polished wood door trims. The spring sided roof, which incorporates folding window frames, is fully lined so you have a proper sports coupe when the roof is up. You can also roll the front of the hood back halfway to give you a sedanca coupe or it folds away very neatly to give a full open tourer. This car has been fitted with a fully rebuilt 1.5 litre 4 cylinder engine from a contemporary MG VA. The VA was a much bigger car so when this engine is fitted to a smaller lighter TA the effect on its performance is really noticeable. Apart from having considerably improved accelleration the car will cruise comfortably at 60 plus mph so it is a very useable machine for day to day driving and because of its very comfortable all weather bodywork it is ideal for long distance touring.
This car has undergone considerable restoration during recent years and is extremely smart in every way. It drives very well with no body rattle whatsoever and all the mechanicals do their job in a very reassuring manner. It must be one of the best of its type and is well worth a closer look.

Reference Number 9705

as of 5/19/2007

Car 1939 MG TA Midget Tickford
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