BMW Frazer-Nash BMW 315SOLD

A charming four seat tourer which is in really lovely condition

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I am sure that most people know that Frazer-Nash imported BMW cars in the mid 1930s which came about after H J (Aldy) Aldington saw how well a 315 sports model went in the 1934 Alpine Trials. He subsequently came to an arrangement with BMW which enabled F-N to capitalise on their name by selling the cars in the UK as Frazer-Nash BMWs. There were several models and body styles and this particular car is a fairly rare four seat tourer. BMW were producing very advanced cars for the time and it has a tubular chassis, transverse leaf independent front suspension with rack and pinion steering plus BMW's really smooth 1.5 litre 6 cylinder overhead valve engine and their very good four speed gearbox so it feels surprisingly modern to drive when compared to many of its post-vintage contemporaries.
The car has been the subject of an expert restoration and can fairly be described as being in show condition. The bodywork really is in very good order with a high quality paint finish and the interior trim will put many other cars to shame as will the excellent hood and sidescreens. In four seat tourer form the 315 was not intended to be a sports car but it drives really well with positive steering, a very nice ride and good brakes so it should give many of its competitors a fair run for their money! All in all it is a charming and rare car which will be at home in both Frazer-Nash and BMW circles.

Reference Number 98088

as of 9/1/2010

Car BMW Frazer-Nash BMW 315
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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