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Artcurial to Offer André Trigano's Entire Collection of 170 Cars

André Trigano and his Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2

André Trigano and his Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2


Back in February 2016, as part of the Rétromobile 2016 by Artcurial Motorcars sale,  the auction house had sold André Trigano’s collection of Citroëns. Some 43 cars came  under the hammer, representing the breadth of models built by the French constructor  between 1919 and 1972. Following the successful sale of his Citroëns, the long-standing enthusiast Trigano  has now decided to part with the rest of his cars, some 170 models including thirty in  “barnfind” condition. He has entrusted his precious collection to Artcurial Motorcars  who will hold a special auction on site in Gibel, in the Ariège countryside near Toulouse, on 13 September 2020.

Today, thanks to an ability to make spontaneous choices, the collection is incredibly  diverse, containing popular mass-produced models as well as much rarer cars. Maitre  Poulain, together with Matthieu Lamoure and Pierre Novikoff, will bring the hammer  down on lots ranging from the 1968 Honda Monkey Z50M (est. € 1,000-2,000),  to the 1967 Lamborghini 400 GT (est. € 400,000-600,000), and the 2011 Renault  Mégane "Floride" (est. € 12,000-18,000). Trigano acquired many of these cars  new, such as the top of the range saloons, and some of the range of American models  on offer. Every lot in the sale will be offered at no reserve.

Lamborghini, Renault, Rolls-Royce: An Eclectic Sale

The star of the sale is an exceptional 1967 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2, bought new by  André Trigano and presented in superb condition having been carefully and regularly  maintained. Trigano was particularly keen on this car and drove it regularly before it  became part of his private museum. One of fewer than 250 examples built, all versions  combined, it is an important milestone model in the marque’s history. This one-owner,  low-mileage car that has been looked after all its life is undoubtedly one of the most  desirable 400 GTs on the market, estimated at € 400,000-600,000.

Another rare model is the superb 1962 Rolls-Royce Phantom V Limousine James Young,  presented in untouched original condition with a highly luxurious level of finish. At the  time, the Phantom V was Rolls Royce’s most prestigious and exclusive model, reserved  for a clientèle featuring heads of state, royalty and celebrities. With every car built to  client specification, they all differed in details of presentation and finish. Of the 832  Phantom Vs built between 1959 and 1968, only 217 were bodied by James Young. This  exceptional example is estimated at € 100,000–150,000.

"The André Trigano Collection is, without a doubt, the  most eclectic collection we have had the opportunity  to present. There are cars from all periods, to suit all  tastes and budgets. Belonging to a high-profile public  figure who has been a passionate driver, it is a truly  unique collection." states Matthieu Lamoure,  Managing Director of Artcurial Motorcars.

Another highlight of the sale is a unique work-of-art with just 875 km on the clock:  the 1967 Renault 4 painted new by renowned artist Arman. As part of a special fund-raising  event for the French Foundation for Medical Research, Arman, known for his  “accumulations”, chose to cover a Renault 4 with repeated images of the model. This  fore-runner of the “art car” made famous by Hervé Poulain, this special and perfectly  conserved Renault 4 will appeal to anyone interested in French art and cars (est. € 30,000-60,000).

André Trigano: A Multifaceted Passion

The name Trigano was made famous by the popular slogan "Le camping, c’est Trigano". In 1936 the family, running a textile business, was approached by a woman looking  for a canvas shelter to use during the new paid holidays with her husband who worked  for Renault. They designed what famously became known as the Trigano tent. It was  the start of a great adventure.

Even before this successful chapter in his life, André Trigano had developed a great  interest in automobiles. He bought his first car, a Citroën C4, just after the Liberation.  As his business took off, he began to indulge his passion for motor racing. From the  1950s he competed in high-profile rallies including the Monte-Carlo, Tour de France  Auto and Rallye d’Europe. It was during this period that he caught the collecting bug –  a passion that has stayed with him all his life.

Today, he would like to see his cars have “another life”, not wanting them to become  neglected:  "I’m not brave enough to drive anymore and no longer take to the wheel at weekends like  I used to. It requires a lot of work to maintain everything and there’s a risk these cars I love  so much will just stand still and deteriorate. A car that doesn’t drive is no longer a car,  it’s just an inanimate object. I would like to give them another chance, so they can enjoy  a second or a third life. As the collection is very varied, it will appeal to enthusiasts of all  ages and from all walks of life. Everyone should be able to find something corresponding  to their means. There are restoration projects as well as sports cars in perfect condition".

This devoted enthusiast has put his heart and soul into this collection and his passion  is bound to rub off on to those lucky enough to acquire one of the cars in this original  and delightful selection.