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Cavallino Classic 2019 ... The Track Day


Palm Beach, 25th of January, 2019

Cavallino Classic 28 is on its way. After a private test day yesterday at the nearby Palm Beach International Raceway finally the visitors had the first chance to have a look at some Ferrari old and new at the track today. Although the track days are certainly not what they used to be back in the times of the Ferrari Challenge the driving part is getting less and less every year. For the first time the track did not see any racing action but purely some free track time for either GT cars on a free track or cruise groups behind a pace car.

Very few of the last remaining competitors took the track for a few hot laps and only about a dozen noteworthy cars could be seen in standing in front of the race trucks. Dennison International had a 512 BBLM, a 750 Monza, an Alfa 8C 2300 Touring and the recently resurrected Ferrari 290MM (0606) but apart from the MM none of them took the track today. Just a truck further MPI had another 512 BBLM driven by Jim Fuchs as well as a Boano by Jack Thomas. Chuck Wegner brought a few toys as well mainly driving a modern Challenge Car.

Last but not least Tom Price had a few laps in the 250 GTO but the Aston DB2 remained silent today.

Most of the spectators found interest in the Ferrari 290 MM that has a very colorful history. After several crashes and rebuilds in period as 290MM and 250 TR the remains of the chassis were wrongly identified as a 250 TR several years ago so the restoration was as a 250 TR rather than the 290MM it actually was. Just recently this was corrected and today the car features the yellow-black racing colors it had earlier in its life. 

Apart from the car events the Cavallino Classic also feature some receptions in the evening for those into socializing. After the small Tour through Palm Beach yesterday some cars were lined up in the town of PB for the evening. Today the new facilities of “The Hangar” served as the background of the evening. The Hangar featured several all new storage facilities for classic cars to be individually developed to the needs of the clients. After the Ferrari 250 GT SWB won the public choice award yesterday it was a beautifully restored 250 GT Lusso taking the award today. 

Tomorrow will be the big day of the Classics with the annual Concours at the Breakers were a wide selection of cars will be presented. Known entrants are a duo of 335 Sport, the last year Villa d´Este winning pontoon fendered “Supertestarossa” and the former Bardinon car sold by Artcurial, the 412 MI as restored by Ferrari Classiche and a very early 166 Inter Berlinetta. Furthermore a few 250 GT SWB will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the model


Report & images ... Peter Singhof