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Dubbini brothers accused of having cloned five historic Ferraris ... from the Italian newspaper "Giornale di Padova"


Padova - 15 June 2010

Denunciation of concealment and falsification against the Dubbini brothers, entrepreneurs in the coffee business in Padova: They have been accused of having cloned five historic Ferraris. The family is a well-known coffee dynasty in the Euganea Zone of Padova.

According to the accusations placed in court, the four brothers and sisters, with the help of an experienced mechanic of Padova, recreated prestigious cars by parting out other old Ferraris that were purchased for a few thousand Euros. These operations then transformed the used cars into rare collectors items which achieved millions of Euros on the collector's car market.

Following the denunciation of Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, President of Ferrari S.p.A., arrests were conducted by the Squadra Mobile and the Local Police in Padova.

Ferrari's technicians identified five historic Ferraris and three engines with the prancing horse under their magnifying glasses.

The four Dubbini brothers - Gianandrea (39 years), Sebastiano (41 years), Federico (44 years) and Manuela (47 years) - together with mechanic Vittorio Nardo (73 years) - who kept at home four boxes of dies used to "correct" chassis numbers and two Ferrari engines, are now facing questions about false titles and concealment, and the use of faked historic Ferraris on the road and in motor racing, as well as the sale to an Austrian entrepreneur.