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Technology Preserves Prancing Stallions with “No Touch” System

Air Chamber

Air Chamber


Scottsdale, Ariz. – May 16, 2007

A piece of European technology that can minimize damage to vintage and contemporary Ferrari’s has been introduced by Air Chamber USA to North America.  Experts from the British manufacturer’s new North America arm are offering their portable, controlled-environment storage system for collector, exotic, high performance and luxury automobiles to American consumers.  Air Chamber is the world’s only drive-in storage unit that creates the ideal conditions to preserve valuable collections from rust, mildew, dust, molds and external damage.

“Ferrari’s are very special cars that deserve to be pampered and preserved,” said Graham Horder, Managing Director and Founder of Airflow, the parent company of Air Chamber USA.  “I’ve used an Air Chamber system to store my Daytona Coupe between jaunts for years, so I understand the high esteem that fellow Ferrari owners have for their cars.  The Air Chamber system has been embraced by leading European car collectors, including many of the Ferrari clubs, because it is simple to use, effective and reasonably priced.  Requests for this product have been so strong from Italian car owners in America that we decided to export it to the United States and Canada.”   

Air Chamber is the ultimate portable, controlled-environment storage system that helps retain the value of collector, exotic, high performance and luxury automobiles by circulating clean air across the vehicle’s surface.  It is a cross between a tent, a transparent car cover and a portable garage. 

“Air Chamber is a significant departure from traditional auto covers that lay on top of a Ferrari, leaving scratches and marring paint finishes,” explained Horder.  “In fact, it’s the only portable vehicle storage system with a lightweight, semi-rigid frame for easy mobility, instant access and protection against accidental contact.  Nothing else on the market compares to this system.”  

Available in a variety of sizes, the Air Chamber’s unique design minimizes potential for damage to vehicles caused by hidden moisture and condensation that causes rust, mildew and mold.  The Air Chamber also features exclusive electrostatic filters that prevent airborne particles, such as dust and sand, from collecting on a vehicle.  In addition, it has a UV covering that filters out harmful light that can fade or crack a vehicle’s paint or interior finishes. 

Mr. Horder, an Aeronautical Engineer and avid auto enthusiast, designed the Air Chamber system.  Launched in 1994, many car clubs featuring famous marques have embraced the product throughout Europe.  He first gauged American interest in the product by showing it to industry insiders and potential dealers at the SEMA show in Las Vegas during 2006.  Their response encouraged him to introduce begin offering the units to Ferrari owners in North America.

“We created several models specifically to accommodate the cars from Maranello,” added Mr. Horder.  “From a 1962 250 GTO to a new 599 GTB Fiorano, we have an Air Chamber that will safeguard these fantastic cars.”

Air Chamber USA has an expanding network of distributors nationwide who offer immediate dispatch of customers’ orders, and who can also arrange for custom tailored systems for customers who have a special application. Customers with inquires should call (888) 89-AIRCHAMBER or visit www.Airchamber.us  Prospective distributors should contact Graham direct by e-mail on Graham@airflow-uk.com.