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Collectors Corner - Ferrari 500 TR

Ferrari 500 TR s/n 0638MDTR

Ferrari 500 TR s/n 0638MDTR

Ferrari 500 TR s/n 0638MDTR

Ferrari 500 TR s/n 0638MDTR

Ferrari 500 TR s/n 0638MDTR

Ferrari 500 TR s/n 0638MDTR


The Ferrari was the 1956 race model and replaced the 500 Mondial and 750 / 860 Monza, it featured a more modern looking very attractive bodywork by Scaglietti similar to 0602 and 0604.

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Production Numbers

Scaglietti Spyder


0600MDTR, 0608MDTR, 0610MDTR, 0614MDTR, 0618MDTR, 0620MDTR, 0622MDTR, 0624MDTR, 0634MDTR, 0636MDTR, 0638MDTR, 0640MDTR, 0648MDTR, 0650MDTR, 0652MDTR, 0654MDTR




Technical Specifications


Type Construction Number





4 Inline


Front longitudinal in-line 4-cylinders, light alloy cylinder block and head

Timing gear

2 valves per cylinder, twin overhead camshafts per cylinder bank

Drive Gears

Cam Followers Roller Tappet

Valve Design


Valves Springs


No. of Spark Plugs/Cylinder



2 Distributors

No. of Carburetors


Type of Carburetors

40 DCO/A3

Bore and stroke

90 x 78 mm

Unitary displacement

496.21 cc

Total displacement

1,984.85 cc

Compression ratio

8.5:1 / 8,75:1

Maximum power

180 bhp at 7,000 rpm

Drive Train

Clutch Double

dry twin-plate clutch

Transmission - No. of Gears 

4-Speed & reverse

Transmission - Type

All synchro

Transmission - Location

With engine, , ZF limited-slip differential

Axle Ratio

3.77, 4.00, 4.25, 4.57:1



Welded, elliptical section steel tubes

Tube Frame 

Ladder Type

Front suspension

Independent, double wishbones, coil springs or anti-roll bar

Rear suspension

Live axle, coil springs






2,250 mm

Front track

1,380 mm

Rear track

1,500 mm

Front wheels


Rear wheels


Front tyres


Rear tyres


Kerb weight

680 kg

Fuel tank

120 litres


Body Designer


Body Builder


Lenght overall

155.0 in


64.5 in


38.0 in

0600MDTR was the 500 TR prototype and sold  on February 19th 1956 to Jacques Swaters' Ecurie Belge of Brussels. It was arced by Jacques Swaters in the GP du Senegal, Dakar and won the race. The famous Paul Frère won on May 13 it's class (3rd OA) in the Spa race "Voiture de Serie", he was partnered by Milhoux in the GP Supercortemaggiore but did not finish. Lucien Bianchi and Alain de Changy started in 1956 in the 24h Le Mans race but failed to cross the finish line. The TR was sold back to the factory and was then sold to Francois Picard who won the class (2nd OA) in the Aspern Hill Climb also the 6h of Forez, in the same year it was sold to Pedro Rodriguez and Chinetti's N.A.R.T. Pedro Rodriguez raced it in the Nassau Speed week races and had a coming together with a Porsche 550 RSK and was rebodied by Scaglietti with a Pontoon Fender TR look-a-like body. In 1958 Pedro Rodriguez and Jose Behra started in the 24h Le Mans race. The next owner was Lucky Casner still winning some races and finishing 3rd in Class in the 1959 12h Sebring race.

0608MDTR was delivered to Gino Munaron, he raced it at Circuito di Reggia (3rd), Pescara (3rd) and Sassari (once 2nd and once 3rd) and 1st OA in the Sassi-Superga hill climb, he finished 8th OA in the Mille Miglia ... the TR is MIA.

0610MDTR was delivered on March 10 1956 to Gaetano Starrabba, Prince of Giadinelli of Palermo Sicily. Starrabba raced it in the Giro di Sicilia (3rd OA), Trofeo Internazionale della Sardegra (8th OA, 4th IC), Circuito di Caserta (2nd), GP Supercortemaggiore (7th OA), Circuito di Reggio di Calabria (5th OA), Bari GP (7th IC), Circuito di Sassari (3rd OA) and Roma GP (5th OA), at the end of the 1957 season it was traded against a 500 TRC. After various owners the car was owned by Holger Normann, he arced it in the Scandinavia area and forgot it in 1962 in a Hotel Parking. in 1968 it was sold for 3,000 SKrone to cover the cost for the storage.

0614MDTR was sold in December 1956 to William Helburn of New York and was raced by the new owner in the Nassau Speed week races, in 1957 it was sold to Bob Said, who had raced a 500 Mondial before, he raced it in the Nassau Speed week races too. In 1958 it was sold to James Place he raced it in Road America, Elkhart Lake and Meadowdale, in 1958, '59 '60. In 1959 a Chevy engine was installed. in November 1960 the car crashed in Elkhart Lake the driver was killed. Bruce Lavachek, the "King of Waterbeds" found the car but could not negotiate a deal with Terry Fox in 1977 and then the traces of 0614MDTR disappear.

0618MDTR was sold to Leon Dernier "Elde" of Brussles, Lucien Bianchi and Alain de Changy raced the 500 TR in 1956 in the 24h Le Mans race, the TR was sold to Venezuela, Julio Pola raced it in the GP Caracas. In 1962 it was raced in Bridgehampton and it today a part of the Anthony Wang Collection.

0620MDTR is the only LHD 500 TR sold in 1956 to D'Oro and raced by Anna Maria Peduzzi from 1956 until 1959, in prestigious races such as the 1000km Paris, GP Supercortemaggiore, Giro di Sicilia, 1000km Buenos Aires, the Targa Floria and the Coppa S. Ambroeus in Monza. The TR is today a part of a Austrian Collection.

0622MDTR was delivered to Jim Johnston of Meadowdale, IL, he finished the Road America race 7th OA and sold in September of the same year to Ballinger who finished the 6h Road America race in the same month 4th OA. The TR was raced it in the Nassau Speed week in several races by Boynton and Chapin to 2nd, 3rd , 4th and 5th place. In 19657 0622MDTR was sold to John Middleton of Milwaukee, next owner in the chain was Robert Schroeder and Ted Baumgartner, in 1964 it retired. It was then owned by Bruce Craig Lavachek, Okamoto, Rodolfo Junco de la Vega and currently by John Devine.

0624MDTR was delivered in French blue with a red nose band to Fernand Tavano he raced it in the GP Supercortemaggiore, the GP Sables d'Olonne and the 24 Le Mans  where it was involved in a collision with a Porsche 365 Carrera and written off.

0634MDTR was delivered rosso rubino to John Quackenbusch, he raced it successfully until 1958 and today it lives in Italy.

0636MDTR was in 1958 raced by Sam Weiss, the early history is unknown, in 1959 it was owned and raced by Ed Vincent. In 1993 it was with Erich Traber and in 1995 with Walter Schaefer, in 1997 it was stolen from the parking lot of Hotel Domus in Maranello and disappeared since today.

0638MDTR was sold to Peter Monteverdi of Basel, it was raced in a couple of hillclimbs and Slaloms, in the 60's it was with Pierre Bardinon and then with Corrado Cupellini and still lives in Italy.

0640MDTR was sold to Franco Cortese as a Monza, he raced it until 1958, the last race was the 10h race in Messina, no further history is know. In April 2004 a chassis stamped 0604MDTR was auctioned by Bonhams.

0648MDTR was delivered to Pietro Carini, he raced it in the GP Supercortemaggiore, the Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti, Circuito di Reggio Calabria and 6h Forez, 0648MDTR was involved in an accident with 0694MDTR, both drivers were killed and both cars were written off.

0650MDTR was delivered to John von Neumann, a West Coast Dealer, he raced in Sacramento and Pomona and the sold it to Bruce Kessler, a New York racer and car dealer, in mid 1957 Fred Armbuster bought the TR and it was raced by Pete Lovely (a northwest car dealer), this is most likely the most raced 500 TR.

0652MDTR was a Scuderia Ferrari Team car driven by Olivier Gendebien and Alfonso de Portago finishing 4th OA in the GP Supercortemaggiore, it was sold by Luigi Chinetti to John Edgar and was subsequently raced by Carroll Shelby and Masten Gregory and Wolfgang von Trips, in 1957 and 1958 it was owned and raced by Chester Flynn and in 1959 by Bill Burroughs and in 1960 by Harry Wasburn then using a Chevy engine. In late 1998 it was acquired by Jan Bosch.

0654MDTR was painted French blue and white and was delivered to Francois Picard, he raced it in the 12h Reims races (5th OA) and in the 24h Le Mans (disq), it was then sold to Howard Hively of Cincinnati, Ohio, he raced it in the Nassau Speed week and in the Cuba GP (4th). In 1958 it was owned and raced by Robert Walker in Road America (14th OA) and in Meadowdale, the car was involved in an accident and the driver was killed. in )191 the car was shown in the Pebble Beach Concours by Sal Castello.