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Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Touring Berlinetta wins Pebble Beach Best of Show

Best of Show winning Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Touring Berlinetta s/n 412020 - David&Ginny Sydorick

Best of Show winning Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Touring Berlinetta s/n 412020 - David&Ginny Sydorick


Pebble Beach, 26th of August, 2018

It is done... with the famous Concours d´Elegance of Pebble Beach the Monterey car week finally came to an end. 8 days after starting with the pre-reunion races at Laguna Seca the last car over the ramp in front of the lodge officially ended the madness on the peninsula attracting thousands of people from all over the world to show and watch cars of all ages on countless events.

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Since the start of the Tour d´Elegance on Thursday morning people were debating about the possible Best of Show winning cars as seen on the field and latest after all the cars entered during dawn patrol and no more surprises showed up on the field a few contender where named all around.

The biggest candidate for the top laurels where without doubt the Cadillac V16 with Swiss Hartmann body that blew away all spectators right from the moment it was unloaded in the trailer parc. This car ticked all boxes as it was a one-off coach built car on a huge 22-foot Cadillac V16 chassis in pleasing crème colour, entered by the former BoS winner Jim Patterson and restored by the renowned and also multiple PB winning RM Restoration department. Certainly other cars where mentioned in the same way but all of them had “issues” like the Clark Gable Duesenberg JN entered by Sam & Emily Mann that made its second appearance or the fabulous Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Touring Berlinetta of David & Ginny Sydorick whose similar sister car won a decade ago. Although everybody agreed that the Italian design on the Alfa sports racing chasses was the more elegant car in comparison to the flamboyant Figoni & Falaschi inspired Cadillac the fact that the same body style was already awarded made a possible victory of this car more questionable. Even the moderators of the entertaining live stream bringing Pebble Beach live into the households all over the world was obviously a little bit biased towards the American/Swiss cooperation.

So it was actually a surprise that the Cadillac was not even among the three finalists parked in front of the ramp to find the most beautiful among them. As Chairwoman Sandra Button opened the envelop in the late afternoon to announce the winner the applause was loud when the elegant dark-blue Berlinetta took the stage accompanied by the fanfares, the fireworks and the confetti rain.

A very pleased David Sydorick took the top award as a reward for a superb restoration taking about two years before descending to the see for the final winner shots in front of the Pacific coast at the 18th fairway of Pebble Beach.

Once again the concours was a proof that the American concours scene is much stronger than the European one as no other concours attracts so many freshly restored cars ever year and bringing so many different classes to the lawn as Pebble Beach does. A class award or even better the BoS award still does add a lot of prestige to any car on the planet and only a few of the serious collectors stay away from the show, most of them are more into racing and rallying their cars then.


After 12 hours on the show field we have put together a small gallery of the BoS winning Alfa, more images will follow in the next hours including the special car classes for OSCA, Tucker or the Maharadja cars.


Report & images ... Peter Singhof