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Cavallino Classic 2019 – Concours at the Breakers

Ferrari 335S s/n 0764

Ferrari 335S s/n 0764

Ferrari 335S s/n 0764

Ferrari 335S s/n 0764


Palm Beach, 26th of January, 2019 

Smaller but refined, this might be the motto for this year’s concours at the famous Breakers hotel. The main event of Cavallino Classic 28 was spoiled by rainy weather all day but the small but selected field of Ferrari Classic was still worth a visit. Smaller than in previous years especially the lower lawn featured less modern Ferrari as well as the 365 range was very thin but the upper lawn in front of the hotel was more than a compensation. Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Ferrari 250 GT SWB the field featured 5 example of the Gran Turismo including the prototype Paris show car as well as some well-known examples making it to the show field almost every year.

Before the SWB the GT class of Ferrari featured the LWB GT nicknamed Tour de France hence its victory at the French classic and two examples could be found in the field. The oldest car on show was the 166 Inter Touring Berlinetta (015S), a very early example with the baroque styling elements of Touring as seen on various Alfa Romeo of the period. With its restrained dark red colour scheme it contrasted the light blue metallic Ferrari 275 GTB Speciale and the golden 250 GT LWB California Spyder. Especially the 275 GTB drew a lot of attention being the special bodied version for Pininfarina himself featuring several very unusual elements including the rear diffusor. The car was sold just a year ago for an outstanding 8 million Dollar and the judges did agree on the condition and the speciality of the car voting it the best GT on the field.

But the front lawn this year was certainly dominated by the competition cars as this might have been the best selection ever seen. Early competition cars included the 166 MM/53 Pininfarina Coupé as well as a 250 MM Vignale Spyder standing next to each other but the stars were the 9 open 12-cylinder racers in the middle of the field. One might say that a 250 TR is a rare car but the 2 examples on the field were even on the more common end of the spectrum. Beautifully presented in its original Finish colours of the Scuderia Askolin chassis 0742TR was seen on the field on display after making its post-restoration debute last year in the Ferrari Classiche tent. As well freshly restored in Maranello was the second 250 TR, chassis 0756TR that was already seen at Pebble Beach a few months ago. This car was awarded best Competition car on the field, the second major award of the weekend. Unlike the former two cars the third Testa Rossa was not a privateer car but a genuine works car driven by Hill, Gurney, von Trips and Rodriguez at Le Mans, the Nuerburgring or the Targa Florio.

Two of the biggest bore engined Ferrari of the period were the 410 Sport and the 412MI. Coming from the same stable as the winning TR the 412MI was also refreshed recently bringing it back to the silver colour as raced by Phil Hill and Richie Ginther in the US after its short intermezzo as a works racer. The 410 Sport is a well-known contender at the Cavallino Classic being one of the previous winners as seen at the jubilee edition 3 years ago. It came along with one of the top three cars that day on the lawn the trio of Ferrari 335S.

At the end of the fabulous history of the Mille Miglia in 1957 it was the 315S and the 335S that brought Ferrari the victory in the last of the legendary road races. 4 examples of the 335S were built or converted from the 315S and with one destroyed only 3 examples exist today and all of them made their way to Palm Beach this Saturday making this an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see them all together. Two of them were campaigned by the Scuderia Ferrari in the Sports car Championship 1957 with Chassis 0674 driven by von Trips at the Mille Miglia finishing second overall and 0700 did not finish the race with Collins / Klemantaski driving. The later might be the most famous camera car as the shots of Klemantaski out of the car are certainly legendary.

With the restriction to 3 litre engines for the 1958 season the 335S became obsolete but a last example was built for the American racing, featuring an upgraded pontoon-body in style of the 1958 Testa Rossa the last 335S was called the “Super Testa Rossa”. The car made its second appearance in recent years at Palm Beach as it was shown by its owner Andreas Mohringer just after being acquired, still in red. Since then Paul Russell performed an outstanding restoration giving the car not just the class victory in Pebble Beach but more important the overall victory at last year’s Villa d'Este concours. Unlike in previous years the show was not concluded with the two awards of the GT and Competition category but with an extra Best of Show award and the owner of the 335S was the last one called on stage taking the top honours just nine months after the BoS at Lago di Como. As both the Cavallino Classic and the Concorso d'Eleganza are part of the Peninsula Best of the Best award this car will not only be present at the selection in Paris in two weeks selected from the winners in 2018, it should return next year to be again contender for the 2019 winners, a unique double appearance in the young history of the Peninsula Award.

With its unique history and the perfect restoration it is certainly a worthy contender and a well representative of the Cavallino Classic.

Unfortunately the weather did not suit this year’s edition as for the first time in years the Breakers Concours had to be held in rain. With the weather forecast going in the same direction tomorrow at the Presidents Country Club in Mar-a-Lago this might be one of the wettest editions of the Ferrari event since it was introduced nearly 3 decades ago.

Report & images … Peter Singhof


The Cavallino Cup - for Best of Show
1958  335 Sport   0764  Andreas Mohringer  

The Scuderia Ferrari Cup - for the finest Competition Ferrari
1958  250 Testa Rossa  0756TR Chris & Ann Cox  

The Gran Turismo Ferrari Cup - for the finest GT Ferrari
1965  275 GTB Speciale  06437  Lee Herrington


La Coppa per Dodici Cilindri - for the finest 12-cylinder Ferrari
1961 250 GT LWB California 1685GT Lee Herrington  

La Coppa per Otto Cilindri - for the finest 8-cylinder Ferrari
2008 430 Scuderia   164465 J.R. Amantea  

La Coppa per Sei Cilindri - for the finest 6-cylinder Ferrari 
1974 246 GTS Dino   07746  Dennis & Mary Susan Garrity  

The Preservation Vintage Cup (pre-1975) - for the Ferraris best representing fine original  preserved condition for Ferraris at least 30 years & older
1961 400 Superamerica  2809SA Richard Workman
1962 400 Superamerica  3361SA Jimmy Page  

The Preservation Classic Cup (1976-1990)    
1989 328 GTB   78894  Jeffrey Ajluni            
1985 288 GTO   56331  Ian & Katie Poulter    

The 250 GT SWB Cup - for the finest 250 GT SWB Street Production
1960 250 GT SWB Berlinetta 2243GT David MacNeil  

The Robert Tallgren Memorial Elegance Cup - for the finest coach-built Ferrari 
1953 250 MM   0260MM Matthew Ivanhoe

The Gerald Roush Memorial Cup - for the Ferrari requiring the most research to restore 
1955 500 Mondial Series II  0580MD Tom Peck  

The Wayne Obry memorial Cup - for the Ferrari best representing excellence in restoration quality 1963 250 GTL Lusso   4391GT Frank Ziccarelli                 

The Ferrari Classiche Cup - for the finest Classiche certified Ferrari
1958 250 Testa Rossa  0756TR Chris & Ann Cox  

The Ferrari Competition Cup - for the finest track/racing Ferrari 
1994 348 GTC LM   97553  Heinz Swoboda  

The Ferrari Supercar Cup - for the finest 288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo or FXX     
1991 F40    87511  Peter & Jennifer Ponzini  

The Ferrari Spirit Cup - for the owner best representing the Spirit of Track and Concorso
1994 348 GTC LM   97553  Heinz Swoboda  

The Honorary Judges’ Cup - for the finest judged Ferrari selected by the Honorary Judges 
1965  275 GTB Speciale  06437  Lee Herrington  

The Chief Judge Emeritus Cup - for the finest Ferrari as chosen by the Chief Judge Emeritus, Ed Gilbertson    
1957 335 Sport   0700  Scuderia N.E.  

* Please note that many of the spectacular Ferraris on the show field  at the Saturday Concorso d’Eleganza were for display only and not judging.  




Cavallino Classic 28 – First in Class – Platinum Award Winners*

Class 1: Competition 
1953 250 MM   0260MM Matthew Ivanhoe
1955 500 Mondial Series II  0580MD Tom Peck
1958 250 Testa Rossa  0756TR Chris & Ann Cox
1958 335 Sport   0764  Andreas Mohringer
1994 348 GTC LM   97553  Heinz Swoboda


Class 2: 166, 250, 400 SA, 500 SF
1965 500 Superfast   6041SF  Antonio Henriques  

Class 3: 250 GT Cabriolet, 250 GT SWB
1961 250 GT LWB California 1685GT Lee Herrington
1960 250 GT SWB Berlinetta 2243GT David MacNeil  

Class 4: 250 GTL Lusso 
1963 250 GTL Lusso   4391GT Frank Ziccarelli               
1963 250 GTL Lusso   5153GT Greg Brendel
1964 250 GTL Lusso   5607GT Jim Utaski
1964 250 GTL Lusso   5183GT Ian & Melayne Packer

Class 5: 275 GTB, GTS, Speciale, 330
1966 275 GTB   08349  Rich Haydinger     
1966 275 GTB   08973  Doug Cohen         
1965 275 GTB Speciale  06437  Lee Herrington
1965 275 GTS   7427  Vance Shappley
1967 330 GTS   9781  Dennis & Claire Nicotra  

Class 6: Two Plus Two
1971 365 GTC/4   14419  Daniel Heit
1999 456M GTA   31732  Michael & Nancy Calkins  

Class 7: Dino GT, GTS
1970 246 GT Dino   01060  Juan Hinestrosa
1971 246 GT Dino   01438  Joko Tanoyo 
1973 246 GTS Dino   04962  Robert & Pam Francis
1974 246 GTS Dino   07746  Dennis & Mary Susan Garrity  

Class 8: 308 GTB, GTS
1976 308 GTB Vetroresina  19377  Charles Wegner  

Class 9: 328 GTB, GTS
1989 328    81932  Rocco Mangel          
1989 328 GTB   78894  Jeffrey Ajluni            
1988 328 GTS   75083  Paul Cissell, III           
1989 328 GTS   81580  Joseph Napoli         

Class 10: 355 Berlinetta, Spider, 360 Modena
1999 355 F1 Berlinetta  114719 Jeffrey Ajluni
1997 F355 Spider   108488 Paul Skilowitz
1999 360 Modena F1  118191 Glenn Simon  

Class 11: Flat 12 – 365, 512
1974 365 GT4/BB   17765  Ron Caldwell
1974 365/BB    18549  Glenn Simon
1995 F512M    101379 Tom Cabrerizo
1992 512 TR    92105  Richard Fulton
1994 512 TR    97545  Rich Baumgart
1994 512 TR    96901  Bruce Bond

Class 12: F40 Supercars
1989 F40    80769  Jasbir & Sanjam Dhillon
1991 F40    87511  Peter & Jennifer Ponzini

Class 13: 288, F50, Enzo Supercars
1985 288 GTO   56331  Ian & Katie Poulter    
1985 288 GTO   57227  David MacNeil
1995 F50    104789 Bruce Bond
2003 Enzo    134297 Jeffrey Grossman
2003 Enzo    132650 Tom Cabrerizo

Class 14: 430, 550, 599
2007 599 GTB   156625 Tom & Terri Barrone
2007 599 GTB   152979 Rocco Mangel
2008 430 Scuderia   164465 J.R. Amantea