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Ferrari 70th Anniversary Concours Maranello

Ferrari 375 MM Spider Pinin Farina s/n 0376AM

Ferrari 375 MM Spider Pinin Farina s/n 0376AM

Ferrari 412 P s/n 0850

Ferrari 412 P s/n 0850


Fiorano, 9th - 10th of September, 2017

70 years ago a very charismatic men formed a company that should develop into one of the most popular brands in the world. After forming his talent in organizing and bringing together the right people to achieve his goals while running the famous Scuderia Ferrari as works entry of the Alfa Romeo racing efforts Enzo Ferrari finally presented the first car bearing his name soon after WWII.

The Ferrari 125S was the first of its kind and showed what should follow over the next years: pure sports and race cars with the characteristic V12 engine that should become a trademark of the new manufacturer for the time to come. Even more important might be the emblem of the marque that became worldwide renown over the next seven decades for the ultimate sports car that was not only able to win the great sports car races or Formula One Championships but also to travel in style on both sides of the Atlantic: the Cavallino Rampante. Taken over from the family of the famous fighter pilot Francesco Baracca the prancing horse might be just as much recognized as the Apple or Microsoft logo and second to none other car manufacturer, even when those are much bigger in size.

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The Ferrari cult might have achieved its climax in the late 1980s after the passing of its founder when the classic Ferrari market and the limited production cars like the F40 realized astronomic prices on the action market and even after the market normalized the cars of the Enzo era are still on top of every annual results list. The coach built small series of the 1950s and the legendary 250 GT series rate among the most sought after classics and are regular entrants in every Concours d´Elegance in the world. And although Enzo himself was only interested in the racing results and saw the production of road cars as a necessity rather that a priority people admire the cars on static display as well as on the race track. Following the tradition of the 50th and 60th anniversary this year again a concours should be the heart of the festivities for the round jubilee of the marque.

After several events all over the world the cars finally made it home to their place of birth for the intended highlight of the Ferrari season. Starting last week in several cities in Europe a convoy of about 500 mostly modern cars were on the road to Maranello to join their older brothers for a line-up in Fiorano, the test track of the Scuderia near the factory. About 120 cars were entered in the main event, the concours and after having registered at the Museo a small tour was organized to Enzo’s birthplace in Modena were the cars passed the Casa Enzo Ferrari to be displayed to the public at the Piazza Roma in front of the military academy. As Ferrari is a national pride and passion rather than just a car the public was welcomed to see about half of the cars in the old town of Modena before they were put behind closed doors at Fiorano for the selected guests to join the celebrations. After the parade at low speed though the masses and a lunch inside the academy the cars were set up at Fiorano and the judging by the international jury began early as the weather forecast for the following day was very bad. After heavy showers on Thursday on the way down to Maranello one could imagine what the weather might be and nobody intended to keep the cars and drivers in these conditions during the judging progress.

At the same time as the judges led by Adolfo Orsi including Ferrari authorities from all over the world looked at the cars the Canadian auction house RM Sotheby´s set up the official auction of the event with the third Leggenda e Passione after 2007 and 2009. Announced as the most important single marque auction RM Sotheby´s had the challenge to set up an auction within a very short time span after the Monterey sale and just after the London auction a few days before.

With a wide selection of classics and several modern Ferraris achieving record prices including an outstanding 8.3 million Euros (for charity) for the very last LaFerrari Aperta yet to be produced the auction did not disappoint at all. After a quick buffet lunch and a look around over the cars when the sun set the rain set in in time for the very colorful and artistic show taking the spectators through the history both of the road and racing cars. Beside the current F1 drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen the former Ferrari works drivers Jean Alesi and Niki Lauda were seen alongside the F1 team boss Arrivabene to represent the Scuderia after being introduced by Sergio Marchionne.

The emotional highlight of the evening might have been the film on the latest Ferrari successes when the cheers of the crowd showed that Michael Schumacher is still the most popular of them.

The evening was finalized with a concert by Jamiroquai whose front man Jay Kay is known to be a big fan of the prancing horse as seen by his green LaFerrari on display in Modena. 

After the last guests were brought back to the hotels by shuttle for a short sleep the concours started as intended early in the morning. With most of the cars already judged both the owners and the judges had a rather relaxed morning that should be cloudy but remarkable dry for what was expected. The 118 cars were lined up in 20 different classes including all the key models of the decades including the early 12-cylinder both in GT and race trim as well as the short 4-cylinder era with the 750 Monza and 500 Mondial/TR/TRC. Most prominent was certainly the 250 with no less than 6 California Spyder on show in the open class as well as the SWB and LWB versions of the Berlinetta including on of the rare Interims and the legendary 250 GTO. Other classes shown the 275 series, the 330 and 365 Daytona, the boxer era with the 365/512 and the supercars of the 288 GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo eras. One of the highlights was again the latest Ferrari Classiche restoration, the 412P of Harry Yaeggi that was shown a few weeks earlier in Pebble Beach where it lost the “clash of the titans” in the Ferrari Competition class against the Paul Russell restored 335S.

Look back at Pebble and at the Chantilly Concours held at the same weekend in France one was also aware what was missing at Maranello this weekend. Very few of the American major collectors were present at Maranello and none of the major restorers like Russell, Carte, Dennison or someone of MPI was seen as they obviously were intended to be too biased to be there as judge and as many of their clients were showing in France their absence was obvious.

Comparing the entry list of the concours with the one in Chantilly “only” one GTO was there and not a single 250 TR, the time of the dominant MM and Le Mans cars was basically only represented by the MM winning 340 MM and the Carrera Panamericana livered 375 MM.

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On the other hand the display included several interesting Superamerica models as well as two examples from the former Agnelli ownership. Probably the most elegant Ferrari of all time is certainly the two-tone Gianni Agnelli 166 MM, the most unique maybe the Testarossa Spyder that should win the best of show GT award later that day.

Harry Yaeggi might be the tragic hero of this summer. Selfmade man Yaeggi fulfilled his dream of owning this car he sat in earlier in his live some 13 years ago before having it restored by Ferrari Classiche just recently. Intended to be a major winner at Pebble it had to give way as mentioned earlier and although the Maranello concours was set up on to playground of the Classiche department the yellow 412P once again had to settle with another third in class behind a F40 Competition and a 333SP.

At 2pm the class awards were presented on the huge stage by Simon Kidston. Finally the two BoS were awarded with the mentioned Testarossa Spyder and the 340 MM in its MM winning livery.

After two very interesting days the hundreds of Ferrari coming from all over Europe set off to make their way home resulting at same very expensive traffic jams outside the gates. Talking to some of the owners this was a typical Italian event with many questions upfront regarding the timing and organization but even without the perfection in the organization it once again worked out at the end giving this corporate event also a rather familiar and informal touch we all love from events like the Mille Miglia. 

We have put together a preview gallery with 150 images, a more detailed gallery of all the cars at the concours will follow the next days


Report & images ... Peter Singhof

Class Winners

Class 1. Le Prime Granturismo – 195 Inter Ghia Coupé s/n 0109S 

Class 2. Le Prime 250 GT – 250 Europa GT s/n 0359GT 

Class 3. Le 250 GT Chiuse – Ferrari 250 GT Lusso s/n 5607GT 

Class 4 .Le 250 GT Aperte – 250 GT LWB California Spider s/n 0769GT 

Class 5. Le Superamerica e le Speciali - 410 SA PF Coupé s/n 1449SA 

Class 6. Le 330/365 GTC, le 330 GT 2+2 – 330 GTC “Speciale” s/n 9439 

Class 7. Le 275 GTB e GTB4 – 275 GTB s/n 08933 

Class 8. Le 275/330/365 GTS, 365 California – 275 GTS s/n 08313 

Class 9. Le Dino 206 GT, 246 GT e GTS – 206 GT s/n 00306 

Class 10. Le Daytona e le 365 GTC4 – 365 GTB4 s/n 12981 

Class 11. Le 365 GT4/BB, 512 BB e Testarossa - Testarossa Spider s/n 62897 

Class 12. Le 288 GTO – GTO s/n 58137 

Class 13. Le F40 – F40 s/n 90020 

Class 14. Le F50 e Enzo – Enzo s/n 135894 

Class 15. Le Prime Vettura da Corsa – 166 MM Touring Berlinetta s/n 0042M 

Class 16. Le Sport 12 Cilindri -340 MM Spider Vignale s/n 0280AM 

Class 17. Le 4 e 6 Cilindri – 500 TRC s/n 0670MDTR 

Class 18. Le Berlinette de Corsa – 250 GT Coupé Zagato s/n 0515GT 

Class 19. Le Sport con Motore Posteriore – F40 LM/GTE s/n 88779 

Premio Speciale Giuria Onoraria – 250 GT SWB Berlinetta s/n 2009GT 

Best of Show Street Car – Testarossa Spider s/n 62897 

Best of Show Competition Car – 340 MM Spider Vignale s/n 0280AM


Keith Bluemel          10/2017.