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Great Turnout for Australian Jaguar Concours


(Sunday 19th November 2017) The Jaguar Car Club of Victoria held its annual Concours d’Elegance and display of Jaguars on the grounds of Wesley College in Mount Waverley, a suburb of Melbourne.

The event always attracts the very best of Jaguars to come out and be displayed on the grounds of the College.  This year was again a very good turn out of classic Jaguars, ranging from the very early 1930’s SS cars up to the very latest models displayed by dealers.

© 2017 Heinz Schendzielorz

No less than five Jaguar D Type Replicas were on display as well.  Seems D Types are getting a little common now.

While I don’t know who the winners of trophies on the day were, I would like to highlight some of the variety of cars on display. Ivan Stevens’ cream SS100 and John Clucas’ silver SS100, were simply stunning.

Many-times trophy winner Bruce Elliot-Smith’s Mark 10, again a winner.

There were lots of E types, Mark 2’s and S types on display. Cars now becoming rare and not often seen are the Mark 4’s, 5’s and Mark 7’s.  John Jones’ green Mark 7 has been in his ownership for decades, and whilst not a concours car, it is in regular use and thoroughly enjoyed by John.  The Jaguar 420 Reg. No. “JXK 769” was a car I had sold some 34 years ago to current owner Max Altman, who over time has restored the car to its former glory and enjoys it on a regular basis. His children have told him that he is never to sell it.  That’s Jaguar devotion!  The 420 was one of only two there that day, perhaps one of the last, best and simplest Jaguars built, with no electronic gremlins to frighten you.  A very overlooked, usable classic Jaguar.

Notable absences were Mark 8’s and 9’s, which many years back were very popular.  The Jaguar XF P7 was something I had never seen before and really looked like it was ready for racing.   With 100km limits on our roads, perhaps a lot more power than needed, but would be exciting to drive on a race track and let all the electronic aids keep you out of trouble.

Even a few non-Jaguars were also on display from members.

Text & Photos: Heinz Schendzielorz
Jaguar Car Club of Victoria