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‘Lozier Express’ To Haul Last remaining Brass Era Cars to Atlanta Concours


ATLANTA, GA., September 12, 2017 –  While it’s said that no more than 30 chassis globally remain of the rare and original luxury/performance Lozier cars to date – eight of the iconic models are anticipated to grace the field of the 2nd annual Atlanta Concours, September 30-October 1st in Braselton, GA on the grounds of the Chateau Elan for a ‘family’ gathering.  Atlanta Concours sponsor Passport Transport will be allotting one special fully enclosed auto transporter, dubbed the ‘Lozier Express,’ to gather as many as five of the renowned vehicles throughout the country, beginning in Seattle, and trekking all the way to Atlanta.  The route will include separate stops in Maine, the New York area and the Gilmore Museum in Michigan to provide the door-to-door service for these fine collectibles.

Known as America’s first ‘super car,’ Loziers were top line luxury cars and during their era were the most expensive cars produced in the United States. According to Bill Wallet, co-chairman for the Atlanta Concours, the 1910 model line featured cars priced between $4,600 and $7,750. Wallet claims that same year a luxury Cadillac could be had for about $1,600.  Comparisons to Rolls-Royce of the same era are common, with the Lozier rated as being superior.

“We anticipate this year’s Lozier gathering to be more of a reunion of sorts,” said Wallet.  “Not only will Todd Lozier be joining us as an honorary judge for the Lozier class, but he’s bringing along his 1914 Model 84 – which still runs – and will be joined by other award-winning models such as Corky Coker’s 1909 Model J, which was a Class Brass Winner in the 2003 Great Race.”  Additional cars for the gathering will include those from the Grundy Collection in Philadelphia, PA, as well as various individual collectors nationwide.

Mr. Lozier and his car both reside in Seattle, and he is one of the last remaining direct descendants of the famed Lozier family.  In fact, his car is not the only historic remnant of the Lozier days – he retains the company’s first marketing materials, background stories of the brand’s momentous role in the inaugural 1911 Indianapolis Grand Prix, and a host of original documentation including ownership of first vehicles by the Dodge Brothers in Detroit, as well as President Woodrow Wilson’s choice of Lozier as the ‘only’ car in which to be driven.

The Atlanta Lozier gathering of championship luxury cars, circa 1908 - 1915, is likely to be the first-of-its-kind to have shown at any Concours event and will be representative of the fewer than 600 Lozier vehicles built during the storied brand’s peak production in 1912.  There are fewer than 30 Lozier vehicles in the U.S. today.

In addition to arranging the Lozier transportation, Passport will also be coordinating and driving six prestigious vehicles from the nearly 600 housed within the Evergreen Historic Automobiles Collection in Missouri.  The grouping provides the Atlanta Concours a very special assembly of highly notable collectibles, including a stunning Mercedes 540K that was restored by Michael Rhodes, the collection’s curator and an alumna of the prestigious McPherson School, known for teaching students the craftsmanship of vehicle restoration.