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Amazing Classic Cars of Cuba the Subject of Kickstarter Publishing Proposal

Carros de Cuba

Carros de Cuba


Last year award-winning automotive photographer Piotr Degler visited Cuba in search of the most interesting cars on the island.

It’s hard to discuss Cuba without the conversation eventually turning to their cars. When in 1959 a young Castro decreed a law to prevent the importation of cars, he could not see the great favor he did anyone is passionate about the 4 wheels. Unwittingly, he bequeathed the world a full pre-revolutionary treasure, which now constitutes one of the tourist attractions of the island.

For 10 years Piotr Degler had been dreaming of visiting this photographic paradise, longing to capture the country through its almendrones (vintage taxis), Buicks, Cadillacs and Studebakers. This lead to an intense month of treasure hunting, chasing rumors and opinions while traveling the island from Viñales to Santiago de Cuba, stopping in dozens of towns and cities. As Piotr forged friendships with enthusiasts and local mechanics, door opened that would normally have remained closed to tourists. Beyond the American classics, Cuba has put him face to face with some of the most iconic cars of automotive history."  

Piotr had three reasons to pursue the project of photographing the cars on Cuba:

  • The political situation in Cuba was starting to change very fast, so timing seemed perfect.
  • He was hoping to document the daily life of the classic cars on the island – which one can think of as a Jurassic Park for classic car enthusiasts.
  • A 1978 photograph of a Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing was the inspiration to try finding other exclusive cars still hidden in private garages or "rusting in peace".

At the end of this month-long trip across Cuba, Piotr Degler not only had a treasure trove of 25,000 photos – he also discovered two Mercedes 300SL, worth $ 1 Mio each if restored.

Now, a book with a selection of the best images is being funded on Kickstarter: Printed in Europe on high quality paper, “Carros de Cuba” will feature around 200 full-color, never-before published images on over 300 pages. It will be the most complete account of Cuban cars. 

Photographs of the famous Gullwing are included in the "RUST IN PEACE" section, as well as Jaguars, Porsche, Hispano Suiza, another 300SL and other cars encountered along the way.

In the "ON THE ROAD" section one will find photographs of great classics still in daily use. A tribute to the inventiveness of the Cuban people which allowed these cars to survive more than half a century on the island.

A brief "INTRODUCTION" section will set the theme with images of the people, landscapes and other sights.

A video detailing the book project, including sample photography, is now available:

>>> Great Cars Frozen in Time

By making a pledge on Kickstarter, anyone can help making this extraordinary project a reality by early next year – and enjoy a signed copy of the book if the funding goal is met.