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DK Engineering ranked at 19 ... Britain's private companies with the fastest growing international sales


DK Engineering have, for the 2nd year running, been named in the Top 50 of the Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200. Of the 200 featured companies, defined as Britain's private companies with the fastest growing international sales, only 80 companies have been featured two years running and of these DK has had the 2nd largest growth.

In 2014 DK Engineering were ranked at 42, and this year feature in the Top 20 at number 19. Our growth rate in this sector has doubled since the last report and at 112% is significantly in excess of the average growth rate of 32%. Overseas business is largely the result of the strengthening relationships we have built with clients from all corners of the globe. For example, we currently have three cars in for restoration which have been sent to DK from America. There is no shortage of Ferrari specialists in America, so for these owners to have chosen DK is a great honour indeed.  On the sales side of the business, we have exported cars to all corners of the globe including the overseas RHD markets of New Zealand, Australia and the Far East as well as of course America, which has always been the home of so many great Ferraris.


Couple this positioning with a place in the Investec mid-market top 10, which was awarded in November 2014, it is clear to see that the company has a firm footprint in the industry. In addition, we have recently been named as one of the top 1000 companies to inspire Britain in 2015, which is an achievement that everyone connected with the company can be proud of.