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Official 2019 Ferrari Calendars & App: Scuderia Ferrari & Ferrari Myth


Scuderia Ferrari 2019

Competitors come and go, but Scuderia Ferrari still sets the standard for greatness in Formula One. Since the first Formula One race took place in 1951, Scuderia Ferrari is the only team to have always competed in the world championship.

And Ferrari's "Rosso Corsa" remains the defining colour in Formula One! A red sea of fans with their flags, lining the racing tracks, emphasised the passion for Ferrari. This calendar provides all Ferrari Formula 1 fans with a thrilling and unfiltered proximity to the world champion team.

  • Approx. 60 x 42 cm landscape format
  • Title, 12 monthly pages and an overview page
  • Printed on high-quality, glossy 170 g art paper
  • £ 35 | $ 45 | € 39, plus shipping

The Official Scuderia Ferrari Calendar gives fans a direct view of the team through selected images by the world´s best Formula 1 photographers. Each shot lets you re-live the excitement of the Scuderia's F1 season throughout the entire year.

Ferrari Myth 2019

The name says it all for the Official Ferrari Calendar which has been sought-after and collected by Ferrari enthusiasts throughout the world for 35 years. Ultimate, unadulterated seduction! With superb imagery and, for the first time, with scents and engine sounds, Ferrari Myth brings to life the fascination of these automotive masterpieces, 365 days a year. 

To guarantee the exclusive value, each individual copy of the Official Ferrari Myth Calendar is numbered and the entire circulation is strictly limited across the globe. (The exclusive Collectors´ Edition of numbers 0001 to 0099, personally numbered and signed has already sold out.) Dispatch for the standard edition will take place on a first come, first served basis

  • Numbered and globally limited to 5000 copies
  • New and historical Gran Turismo and racing cars
  • Approx. 50 x 70 cm portrait format
  • Printed on high-quality, glossy 250 g art paper

  • Photography: Günther Raupp
  • £ 76 | $ 98 | € 85, plus shipping


The separate Ferrari calendar app is available to download from GooglePlay and the Apple App Store from December 2018.

Available at Shop.Raupp.com