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Supercar Hire Provides Exciting Track Days, Driving Experiences and Vehicle Hire


Conveniently situated in Derbyshire at the historic Donington Park Race Circuit, Supercar Hire is the UK’s premier supplier for exotic car rental. Offering the complete package for car enthusiasts, Supercar Hire provides exciting track days, driving experiences and vehicle hire.

Supercar Hire’s impressive and continually expanding fleet of luxury supercars ensures that whatever your automotive preferences, you’re sure to find the right car for the ultimate supercar experience.

The Fleet

If you’re a wanna-be James Bond, you can choose from the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and its big brother, the 6.0-litre 580bhp Vanquish S. If you’re after a grand tourer from another established British brand, there’s another heavyweight in the form of the 521bhp ultra luxury Bentley Continental GT. With the supreme all-rounder that is the Audi R8 V10 and the absolutely iconic Porsche 911 GT3, German precision engineering is also well represented.

For fans of continental flair and Italian passion, there’s a number of choices. If you’d like to tame the raging bull, opt for the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder pushing out 552bhp from a 5.2-litre engine and dashing from 0-62mph in just 3.2 seconds. If you have a soft spot for the prancing horse take a trot in the Ferrari 458 Spider and enjoy the naturally aspirated 4.5-litre V8 engine that generates 562bhp, revs to 9,000rpm and sprints from 0 - 62mph in less than 3.4 seconds. 

If technical wizardry is your thing, sample the blisteringly quick Nissan GTR. For drivers who want to get the wind in their hair, there’s plenty of opportunities to do so in a drop top Ferrari California T that gets from 0 - 60mph in 3.6 seconds.

Fantastic Location

Conveniently situated in the heart of England, Supercar Hire’s great location, Donington Park Race Track - with its close proximity to the Peak District and easy access to some of Britains best driving roads - provides an ideal starting point for a supercar adventure. The Peak District is supercar heaven, offering  stunning natural scenery and a variety of challenging roads. Access to Donington Park means driver experiences and track days are undertaken at Britain’s most historic race track.

Supercar Hire provides constant access to more than one supercar, allowing drivers to experience many different exotic cars. Amongst the many other benefits of hiring is the knowledge that Supercar Hire takes away the hassle and cost that comes with the expensive business of supercar ownership by taking care of insuring, maintaining and securing the cars.

Whatever the reason, perhaps a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or gala, there are few better accompaniments or gifts than driving a supercar. With Supercar Hire, it’s easier than ever to get behind the wheel of one of the world’s best cars.