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2019 ... a year of positive figures for the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Mercedes-Benz W196 1955, 300SLR 1955, 300SL 1952 (front to back)

Mercedes-Benz W196 1955, 300SLR 1955, 300SL 1952 (front to back)


Stuttgart, 22 January, 2019

“2019 was a year of good figures for the Mercedes-Benz Museum,” affirms a delighted Monja Büdke, Director of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. “We increased our total museum attendance numbers by more than two per cent, celebrated our ten millionth museum visitor in July, and on social media, we broke the one million followers mark on Instagram. In addition, there were very well-attended special exhibitions and events.”

A total of 850,954 visitors came to the Mercedes-Benz Museum from 138 different countries in 2019. This is an increase of 16,833 visitors or 2.02 per cent compared to 2018 (834,121 visitors). This means that 2019 was the third-best year since the Mercedes-Benz Museum opened at its current location outside the gates of the Untertürkheim plant in 2006. The only times we had more visitors were in 2007 and 2017.

Live guided tours on Instagram

The fan base of the Mercedes-Benz Museum is also growing continuously on the Internet. A total of around 350,000 followers took part in the two aired episodes. The increase in the number of users on Instagram as a whole ties in with this: in September 2019, the Mercedes-Benz Museum passed the crucial mark of one million followers.

International visitor attraction

The proportion of international visitors to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in 2019 was 59.39 per cent – a slight increase over the previous year. Among the countries of origin with the most visitors, China was again in the lead in 2019 (10.91 per cent), followed by France, the United States of America, Russia and Switzerland. (The ranking in 2018 was: China, United States of America, France, India and Switzerland). The number of visitors from the traditionally strong countries continued to increase in 2019, and this included Russia, Switzerland, Italy and France in particular.

VfB Stuttgart football club and Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The special exhibition “On the move since 1893” to celebrate the 125-year club history of VfB Stuttgart was a highlight of 2019. It ended in May 2019 after nine months with a quarter of a million visitors.

Currently, until 19 April 2020, the special exhibition “Stories of the G” is running in Collection Room 5 and fascinating visitors with 40 years of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The Mercedes-Benz Museum will then open its next special exhibition in the autumn.

Events for all generations

The third series of Mercedes-Benz summer concerts attracted a total of 30,100 visitors from 4 to 7 July 2019. One of the highlights was, once again, the Children and Family Day, also on 7 July – with an even more extensive programme than last year. On this day alone, the Mercedes-Benz Museum clocked up around 12,000 visitors of all age groups. The music acts in the summer concerts were Andreas Bourani, Cro, Max Herre and the band “Walk off the Earth”.

We are continuing the musical success story this year: Mercedes-Benz summer concerts take place from 9 to 12 July 2020. The Sido concert on 12 July 2020 is already sold out. On 10 July, the Spanish-German singer Álvaro Soler will perform and on 11 July the band Wanda. The extensive Children and Family Day in and around the Mercedes-Benz Museum is scheduled for 12 July – with free admission also to the permanent exhibition and a wide range of programme items for all age groups in the museum and in the outdoor areas.

The weekend event “Vision Smart City – Experience the mobility of the future today”, hosted by the Mercedes-Benz Museum on 14 and 15 September 2019, was one of the most popular events in 2019. The event with the first public flight in Germany of the electric “Volocopter” flying taxi attracted 20,500 visitors.

Further expansion of services for children, young people and families

In 2020, the range of services for children, young people and families will be extended further. Three interactive hands-on exhibitions and matching creative events are on the programme. One highlight will be the première of the museum mascot, which will be presented to fans for the first time this spring.

Exhibits from the “experimenta Heilbronn” will provide new interactive activities. From spring onwards, the Science Centre will be presenting itself to visitors with a separate area in the Fascination of Technology section.

Thanks to its extensive offerings and programmes for children, young people and families, the Mercedes-Benz Museum once again was a prizewinner in the 2019 “familien-ferien” (family holidays) state competition in Baden-Württemberg organised by Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg and DEHOGA Baden-Württemberg e.V.

Football and film

The Mercedes-Benz Museum offers a wide-ranging programme that makes the history of mobility from 1886 through to the future tangible – and regularly goes beyond that. This is demonstrated in the summer of 2020 by the transmission of football matches from the European Football Championship. The final match on 12 July 2020, will be shown on the large concert summer screen at the Mercedes-Benz Museum following the Sido concert, and will have room for 6,000 spectators.

Screen highlights will also be provided by the successful open air cinema, which will be showing the next round of films in 2020. Advance sales start in July, and it’s worth being quick, because last year, practically all the films sold out very fast. Due to its popularity, the offering is being expanded: in 2020, a total of 25 films will run from 12 August to 6 September – nine more than in 2019.