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“Ferrari Supercar Tecnica, Design, Mito” Exhibition, Museo Ferrari


Maranello, 22 April, 2013

Between 08 March and 30 September 2013, the Museo Ferrari in Maranello is hosting an exhibition titled “Ferrari Supercar Tecnica, Design, Mito” The exhibition focuses on the Ferrari limited production supercars spanning nearly 30 years, which started with the GTO (288) in 1984, continued with the F40 in 1987, then came the F50 in 1995, the Enzo in 2002 and the LaFerrari presented at the Geneva Salon this year. The exhibition also features a number of the limited production models that were the forerunners to the evolution of the supercar series, including the legendary 250 GTO and the 250 LM. There are also derivations of the supercars like the 288 Evoluzione, the F40 LM and FXX, together with F1 cars whose technology was incorporated into their roadgoing siblings, like the twin turbocharged 126 C F1 car whose turbo technology appeared in the GTO and F40, and the F1-90 F1 car, whose engine construction formed the basis for that used in the F50, including its use as a structural element.

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The main feature is a gallery dedicated to the development of the latest offering, the LaFerrari. This offers visitors the chance to see, what is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, the development models, sketches etc, that led to the final production version, which is displayed on a rotating plinth in the centre of the gallery, with an audio visual presentation on a screen behind it. In the main first floor area is a 1:1 clay scale model of project F150 the internal code for the then upcoming model, which interestingly shows a different design thought each side of the central longitudinal axis, with most of the right side in a bare clay and the left side in body colour. At a glance it is not immediately apparent, but closer examination reveals a number of differences, for instance, around the rear diffuser/exhaust outlet area, around the rear lights and headlight shape, to name but a few. On an adjacent wall is an exploded engine display with all the hybrid technology elements, together with explanations of the components and their functions.

This leads us into the specific LaFerrari gallery, where the finished car on the rotating plinth is surrounded by a trio of 1:1 scale models, which were used in the evolution of the final shape and development of the interior cell. One of these is specifically related to interior design, and nearby is one of the initial fixed seat designs for the project. The other two scale models are pure external design projects, both early design concepts from around May 2011, one called “Tenso-struttura”, and the other “Manta”, which show the development from prototype to finished product, and along with the numerous design sketches around the exhibition are worthy of close examination, to see how the final shape evolved.

To celebrate the exhibition, the Museo Ferrari have produced an Italian language soft back book on the LaFerrari supercar and its predecessors, titled “LaFerrari Dynamic Art”, which is available for purchase at the museum’s boutique for 32 Euros. At the time of writing, an English language edition is in production, and will be available shortly.

Further details regarding opening times and admission fees can be found at www.museo.ferrari.com

Keith Bluemel