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Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari .. “The Great Challenges Ferrari – Maserati” ... Stories of excellence and made in Italy


Modena, October 15, 2012

The exhibition

October 15th was the the opening at the MEF of the new exhibition “The Great Challenges Ferrari – Maserati”, dedicated to the competition between the two great names in Italian car racing, famous all over the world, which will remain open to the public until March 20, 2013. The exhibition, realised with the important support of the “Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena”, has been curated by Giovanni Perfetti with the contribution of Aldo Zana and Luca Dal Monte for the narrative storyboard. 

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Ferrari and Maserati, two realities with a unique fascination, two different ways of living the car that have left a deep mark on the territory and in the history of world car racing. 19 cars are exhibited, carefully chosen among the most  representative and prestigious of the two companies: the Ferrari 340 MM, the first Ferrari Sport built to answer the endless search for victory through engine power, the Maserati 250 F defined by Stirling Moss as “a milestone in my career, the car that had everything I could wish for: speed and power”, and then the Ferrari 500 TRC, the first “Testa Rossa” which got its name from the covers of the camshafts finished in dark red and the Maserati A6 GCS/53 a two-seater Sport destined to be one of the most beautiful and victorious cars ever, these are just a few examples of the models exhibited.

As pointed out by the president of the museum, Mauro Tedeschini: “The exhibition that celebrates the two companies that have marked the history of world racing cars is the new protagonist at the Museum, inaugurated last March. To make the itinerary of the museum even more appealing, the spaces have been enriched with new technological instruments, placing interactive screens next to each car exhibited, to tell its story in an evocative way and to involve the visitors enabling them to interact with the itinerary and elaborate the contents.”

The first challenges took place in 1926: in that year the Alfa Romeo racing team with Enzo Ferrari as a driver, and Maserati came up against each other, Maserati had been founded just a few years earlier in Bologna. 

At first the Scuderia Ferrari raced with cars built by Alfa Roma in Milan and race-tuned in Modena, while, right from the start Maserati was a manufacturing company, although on a modest scale. The cars which carried the Trident emblem into races, in fact, came to light completely in the Bologna factory. In 1938 Modena became the scene of the challenge: Adolfo Orsi took over Maserati and decided to move it to the same city as Ferrari, leading the competition from an exclusively sporting level to a broader one, territorial and parochial. 

In 1947, when Enzo Ferrari made Ferrari become a real manufacturing company he was able to make his dream of a lifetime come true: finally the cars of the Prancing Horse were no longer only tuned but were completely built in Modena.

In the 1950’s, the list of Ferrari victories became increasingly long and important but Maserati continued to be a protagonist: if the Ferrari drivers did not stand on the podium then the Maserati drivers did. In this decade some of the most beautiful and successful cars of all time were created, like the Ferrari 750 Monza “beautiful among the beautiful”, one of Sergio Scaglietti’s artistic strokes of genius, or the Maserati 450 S, built as an ultimate weapon, the right car to win the 1957 World Sport Championship but which did not win, and also the Ferrari 375 Indy, the F1 single-seater created for the 500 Miles of Indianapolis which has now returned to Italy after 60 years.

There are many more or less direct reports about the respect and importance that Enzo Ferrari reserved for Maserati and its men. He never mentioned them by name, but called them “those down there”, an expression which originated from a precise topographical reason: while the Scuderia Ferrari had its headquarters in a quite central position in Modena, at the crossroad with via Emilia, when Maserati moved from Bologna, they found a factory slightly more in the suburbs, at the crossroad with the road for Nonantola.

The struggle in the sporting field continued fiercer than ever and although the Record Book of the Prancing Horse was thicker due to the number and prestige of the victories, that of the Trident was certainly not to be under-estimated. As if the races were not enough, competition began also for the production of GTs, destined with time to become the only remaining element of rivalry. In fact, in 1957 Maserati decided to withdraw from racing. The most fascinating GTs date back to this time, cars with unmistakable design and extraordinary appeal that contributed to placing Modena at the centre of the world car racing panorama, both for style and results.

The new exhibition in the Museum is proposed as a celebration of the most significant models of the two companies, a journey to discover some racing cars which have marked the history of Ferrari and Maserati, as well as world motor racing. Displayed as “design masterpieces” following a chronological order and with interactive screens that tell the story, these unique cars led Modena and Italian motor racing into the limelight on an international level, excelling non only on the circuits but also innovating styles and engines. In fact, it is the first time that cars of this historical value and prestige are exhibited together, reunited in the territory that saw them come to light and that will host them for six months. An exhibition that has been possible thanks to the work of the Fondazione Casa di Enzo Ferrari-Museo, born with the aim of enhancing, promoting and protecting the image, the history and the work of Enzo Ferrari and the tradition of racing cars in Modena.


The Museum

“If you can dream about it, you can do it” is one of Enzo Ferrari’s most well known phrases, certainly the one that best represents his philosophy, a life marked by passion and creativity, research and innovation, courage and challenge. A myth that has made Modena and Maranello capitals of a dream come true.

The new museum complex, built thanks to an investment of about 18 million Euro, rises next to the old house where Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898. The original dwelling has been preserved together with the workshop and has merged with the new futuristic gallery: a “car bonnet” in yellow aluminium, the colour of the city of Modena, the colour chosen by Enzo Ferrari as the background for the Prancing Horse, the symbol of the company that bears his name.

Also the logo which represents the identity of the Museum has been conceived uniting in only one graphic mark Enzo Ferrari’s characteristic signature and the profile of the new exhibition gallery which has a design inspired by the classic racing cars of the past. The yellow colour of the pictogram is of course the same as the aluminium “bonnet” of the new building.

On the occasion of the new exhibition, the Museum will close on October 15 to permit the organisation of the new exhibition, offering the public the possibility to discover the new museum display in a preview in the evening of October 15 from 8.30 to 11 at a special price of 9 euro and with the possibility of a guided tour (included in the price) with some exceptional guides, confirming their presence at the e-mail address 


The cost of entrance to the Museum for 2012
Full € 13
Reduced 1) € 11 (under 26 and over 65, special agreements)
Reduced 2) € 9 (children 6-10, helper of disabled, military personnel, special offer for families with paying children)

It is also possible to purchase a single ticket to visit both the Museo casa Enzo Ferrari in

Modena and the Museo Ferrari in Maranello at a discounted price
Full € 22
Reduced 1) € 18 (under 26 and over 65, special agreements)
Reduced 2) € 14 (children 6-10, helper of disabled, military personnel, special offer for families with paying children)
Free for children under 5 and for the disabled.

Guided tours are available, as well as audio guides and special prices for groups.

The Museo casa Enzo Ferrari is open every day except Christmas Day and New Year’s

Day, open all day
9.30 / 18.00 1st October / 30th April
9.30 / 19.00 1st May / 30th September

For information please contact
Ticket office + 39 059 4397979
Fondazione + 39 059 239268

The Museum is in via Paolo Ferrari 85 – Modena, Italy www.MuseoCasaEnzoFerrari.it

Cars on Display
Ferrari 500 TRC Spyder Scaglietti s/n 0658MDTR
Ferrari 250 GT LWB TdF s/n 0793GT
Ferrari 330 GT engine
Ferrari 330 P s/n 0818
Ferrari 340 MM Spyder Vignale s/n 0280AM
Ferrari 375 Indy s/n 2
Ferrari 500 Mondial Spyder PF s/n 0410MD
Ferrari 750 Monza Spyder Scaglietti s/n 0470MD
Ferrari 857 Sport Spyder Scaglietti s/n 0584M
Ferrari Dino s/n 0011

Maserati Eldorado
Maserati Tipo 63 "Birdcage" s/n 002
Maserati Tipo 200 SI s/n 2428
Maserati Tipo 250 F engine
Maserati Tipo 250 F Interim s/n 2518
Maserati Tipo 350 S s/n 3503
Maserati Tipo 450 S engine
Maserati Tipo 450 S s/n 4501
Maserati Tipo A6 G/54 Berlinetta Zagato s/n 2118/2189
Maserati Tipo A6 GCS/53 s/n 2057/2086
Maserati V5 Reconstruction