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Mille Miglia ... 331 cars have been selected to participate in the 2008 MM, of which 44 have taken part in the historic race

1949 Ferrari 166 MM Le Mans Touring Berlinetta s/n 0026M, Jack Croul

1949 Ferrari 166 MM Le Mans Touring Berlinetta s/n 0026M, Jack Croul

1949 Ferrari 166 MM Le Mans Touring Berlinetta s/n 0026M, Jack Croul

1949 Ferrari 166 MM Le Mans Touring Berlinetta s/n 0026M, Jack Croul

1949 Ferrari 166 MM Le Mans Touring Berlinetta s/n 0026M, Jack Croul

1949 Ferrari 166 MM Le Mans Touring Berlinetta s/n 0026M, Jack Croul


In the past, the provisional entry list of 375 participants was realeased in March at the Geneva Motor Show, but from this year onwards the Mille Miglia will be run by a new organizer's team and it seems that  they have not only broken with the beloved tradition. This year just 331 teams will start and we will be excited to hear if the promises of the new organzier will come true. 

The list of the 44 selected cars which have participated in the Historic MM at least one time

Brand Model Year Cathegory Mille Miglia Edition Driver Co-driver

AC Ace (ora Ace-Bristol) 1955 Gran Turismo 1956 Tomasoni Morandi
ALFA ROMEO Conrero Sport 1953 Sport 1955 Canale Canale
ALFA ROMEO 6C 1750 Gran Sport 1931 Sport 1931 Pueche Navarro
ALFA ROMEO 1900 TI 1953 Turismo 1953 Solari Tucci
ALLARD J2 1951 Sport 1951 Fitzgerald TBD
ASTON MARTIN Speed Model 1936 Sport 1950 Bramall Zanchigiani
ASTON MARTIN Speed Model 1936 Sport 1936 Dee Dee
BANDINI 750 Sport Siluro 1953 Sport 1953 Bandini Orsi
BANDINI 750 Sport 1957 Sport 1957 Ramponi Ramponi
DB HBR5 1957 Gran Turismo 1957 Deligny Pierre
ERMINI 1100 Sport 1950 Sport 1951 Focardi Focardi
FERRARI 166 MM/195 S 1949 Sport 1950 Croul (James) Raimondi
FERRARI 340 America 1950 Sport 1951 Croul (John) Primmer
FERRARI 250 GT Boano 1956 Gran Turismo 1957 Gabka Gabka
FERRARI 166 MM Spyder 1953 Sport 1953 / 1954 Megrue, Jr. Megrue
FIAT 1100 103 1953 Turismo 1956 / 1957 Biasin Gennaro
FIAT Gilco 1100 sport 1948 Sport 1949 Cibaldi Besenzoni
FIAT 500 B MM Zagato 1950 Gran Turismo 1951 Garatti Garatti
FIAT 8V 1952 Gran Turismo 1952 / 1953 / 1954 / 1955 Kurihara Tanaka
FIAT 508 S MORETTINI 1936 Sport 1937 Riboldi
FIAT 514 S Mille Miglia 1930 Turismo 1931 Vesco Vesco
FORD Thunderbird 1956 Gran Turismo 1957 Vespa Hassler
GIANNINI 750 SPORT 1948 Sport 1949 / 1950 / 1953 Maggiorelli Maggiorelli
GORDINI 24s 1953 Sport 1955 Bessade Samuel
HEALEY Elliot 1948 Turismo 1948 Jenkins Stitzer
JAGUAR C-Type 1953 Sport 1953 Watson TBA
JAGUAR-BIONDETTI Special 1950 Sport 1952 / 1953 Perbellini Perbellini
LANCIA ASTURA MILLE MIGLIA 1938 Sport 1949 Nicolis Nicolis
MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL Prototyp 1952 Sport 1952 x x
MG Ex-182 1955 Sport 1957 Savage Savage
MORETTI 750 SPORT CM54 BARCHETTA 1953 Sport 1955 / 1956 Binkert Becchetti
OM OM 665 SS 1930 Sport 1931 Osterheider
OSCA MT4 1953 Sport 1953 Cristofoletti Locati
OSCA MT4 1955 Sport 1957 Dolcini Paterlini
OSCA MT4 1952 Sport 1952 Grasselli Savaris
OSCA MT4 1951 Sport 1951 / 1952 / 1953 / 1954 Marchesi Marchesi
OSCA MT4 1954 Sport 1955 / 1956 Marinelli Donati
PANHARD 750 Sport - by Tino Bianchi 1954 Sport 1954 / 1955 Dolega Schaaf-Dolega
PANHARD Gilco Crepaldi 1952 Sport 1952 / 1953 / 1954 / 1956 Venturi Lazzari
PORSCHE 550-1500 RS 1955 Sport 1956 Guillaume Cox
PORSCHE 356A-1500 GS 1956 Gran Turismo 1956 Schellhaas Schellhaas
PORSCHE 356 1952 Gran Turismo 1952 Schmidt Schmidt
STANGA 750 SPORT 1956 Sport 1957 Aime Aime
STANGA 750 SPORT 1951 Sport 1951 Medeghini Stanga

The Program
A nice gesture, there will be a speacil treadment for teams with cars which have been running in the period MM

Wednesday 14th May

Exclusively for drivers of cars which took part in the original Mille Miglia Races, for official teams of Car Manufacturers and famous drivers.

9.00 A.M. Arrival of cars at the Mille Miglia Paddock at Brescia Fair Ground. Reserved areas for Car
6.00 P.M. Manufacturers. Administrative checks and collection of gifts. Parking of cars in secure reserved areas inside the Mille Miglia Paddock and parking of trailers and car transporters inside the Mille Miglia Paddock.
9.00 P.M. Gala dinner.

Thursday 15th May

8.00 A.M. Arrival of cars at the Mille Miglia Paddock at Brescia Fair Ground.Administrative checks for the
4.30 P.M. remaining participants. Shuttle service to the centre of Brescia (Piazza della Loggia and Piazza della Vittoria) and back.
8.00 A.M. Departure of participating cars to the Piazza della Loggia for scrutineering, collection of necessary car
4.30 P.M. stickers and road-books.
8.30 A.M. Public presentation, by Savina Confaloni, of cars that arrived on May 14th and that
12.00 P.M. will be displayed on several squares through the city.
12.00 P.M. Holy Mass and blessing of a selected group of cars in Piazza Duomo.
5.00 P.M. Buffet dinner at Mille Miglia Museum.
6.30 P.M.
7.00 P.M. Departure of the first car from Viale Venezia for the Brescia-Ferrara stage and public presentation of all participating cars.
11.30 P.M. Arrival of the first car in Ferrara.
01.00 A.M. Arrival of the last car.

Friday 16th May

9.00 A.M. Ferrara. Departure of the first car from Piazza Ariostea for the Ferrara-Rome stage.
1.30 P.M. Buffet lunch in Urbino.
3.30 P.M.
9.00 P.M. Arrival of the first car in Piazza del Popolo in Rome. Parade of cars throughout the streets of the city, up to via dei fori imperiali for the public presentation on stage on the gorgeous background of the Coliseum. Broadcasting of the event on a national television network.

Saturday 17th May

6.30 A.M. Rome. Departure of the first car from Piazza del Popolo for the Rome-Brescia stage.
1.30 P.M. Buffet lunch in Buonconvento, Siena.
9.30 P.M. Arrival of the first car downtown in Brescia.
2.00 A.M. Public presentation of cars at the finish-line in Viale Venezia.

Sunday 18th May

11.00 A.M. Brescia. Shuttle service from the hotels to the historic Teatro Grande. Prize-giving cerimony at the Teatro Grande.
1.30 P.M. Cocktail and farewell lunch.

What else is new ?
New is also the calculation of the coefficients ... here is how it is calculated ...

Coefficients are assigned by evaluating each model’s technical and historical characteristics and by evaluating the design.
Evaluations are based on the following criteria:
1.Participation of the model in an original Mille Miglia (1927 – 1957)
2.Model year or year of modification of the car. A car will not necessarily be dated by the first year of Manufacturing
3.Cubic capacity
4.Category (Sport [Sports Racing Cars or two-seat racing cars], Gran Turismo [GT], Turismo [Touring or Saloon Cars])
5.Bonus if the specific chassis number was entered or has taken part in an original Mille Miglia (documents required)In order to ensure an objective coefficient, a mathematical formula is used.

To obtain the final coefficient of each vehicle, partial coefficients for c .model, c. period, c. class, c. category and any bonuses for the chassis must be entered.

coefficient = 1 + c.model x (c.period + (c.class – c.category) + bonus)

Where:c.modelModel coefficient.= 1 if the model (meaning chassis type and not the body) participated in the original Mille Miglia;= 0.50 if the model was never entered in the Mille Miglia, but took part in the Commemorative rallies or if it is an important model for that historical period.c.periodPeriod coefficient.It decreases from 1927 to 1957.

The 24 original editions have been divided into seven historical periods, each one characterized by an extensive change in the International Sporting code and/or Race Regulations and/or by the introduction of significant new car technologies. c.classClass coefficient.It decreases with the capacity, without taking the supercharger into account.c.categoryCategory coefficient.= 0 for Sports Racing Cars (complying with the period Appendix C to the International Sporting Code of AIACR or FIA);= 0.10 for GT cars;= 0.20 for Touring cars.bonus = 0.10 if the vehicle (the chassis number now entered) participated in the original Mille Miglia; = 0.05 if the vehicle (the chassis number now entered ) was entered, but did not participate in, the original Mille Miglia

What else is new ?
Car build after 31 December 1957 are not excepted anymore ... even if the same model has taken part in the historic MM, even in the same specification

What else is new ?
Ferrari 250 TR is which never have run in the historic MM, are not allowed anymore, since ther are only a handfull of 315S (2),  335S (3 in existance) and 290 MM (4) you will have just the chance to see max 9 V12 Ferraris Sports Cars  from  1956/7, but most likely it will be just 1 or none ...

But let's not be sorry, the MM will not be just be around for the next years ... in 10 ... 20 years it may be "new again" and may be better, may be it already changes for the next issue and it will be as good as in the previous years. 
Time will tell. 

What else is new ?
The anamera event calendar growth by the day and there are plenty of very nice events, to see or drive historic cars, enjoy it your anamera team.