S.H.A.C. Classics Schleswig-Holstein-Fahrt
Enjoy the history and lovely countryside of Schleswig-Holstein (Northend of Germany)
When12 - 16 mai 2021 (5 days) 
Deadline01 November 2020 (entry closed) 
Steenkamp 1
D-24226 Heikendorf
24226 Kiel Region
CategoriesRally, Tour 
Contact0049.431.23351 (Phone)

0049.431.23351 (Mobile) 
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After the revival of the “Kiel-Schierke reliability trip” on the 90th anniversary in June 2019, we would like to travel to the Rhine-Mosel region with you in May 2021 (May 12-16). There was also a historical edition here, which is why we have now reactivated the traditional name "Rhein-Mosel-Fahrt" for the S.H.A.C. Mosel-Fahrt. Read all the details of next year's edition below. We are now researching the S.H.A.C. archive for details of the historical edition.


If you are interested, please contact the office (info@shac-kiel.de). It would be ideal if we had an overview of the participants by the end of October so that we can book the requested hotel allotments.