Zoute Generations Rally
Pass on the passion for classic cars from generation to generation!
When26 mars 2022 

8300 Knokke-Heist
Contact+32 50 600 899 (Phone)


Beautiful to look at, tricky to master: driving a classic car requires skill and experience, qualities that age like fine wine. Because we want to pass on the passion for classic cars from generation to generation, we present to you, the ZOUTE GENERATIONS RALLY, a concept that would fit their enthusiastic spirits and their developing technique came to life!

A 1-day rally in Knokke-Heist, exclusively for family teams to introduce the younger generations to the love of historic cars.

With safety at the heart of everything we do, we set up an educational programme of a series of classes and tests, teaching our younger amateurs how to properly drive and master their beloved oldtimer.

Of course, a delicious lunch will be provided and we will conclude with a large family barbecue in Zoute style at night.