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DKW GT Malzoni (ex works/Emerson Fittipaldi)

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DKW (VEMAG) works racecar which finished 3th in the Mil Milhas (‘1000 miles’) of Interlagos with Emerson Fittipaldi and Jan Balder.

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as of 9/7/2019

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Caractéristiques principales
Voiture 1965 DKW GT Malzoni
Couleurs - extérieur / intérieur      Blanc /      Noir 
Condition Très bon 
Configuration Conduite à gauche 
Boîte de vitesses Manuelle 
Options Compétition: Barres de renfort, Sièges Racing, Toutes options course
Intérieur: Intérieur cuir 
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Voir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voiture
Historique connu

This white DKW GT Malzoni is the best-known. In 1966 it wrote a chapter of motor sport history that every Brazilian fan knows by heart. The background for that great event was the racetrack at Interlagos. There, South America’s racing elite would gather each year for the Mil Milhas (‘1000 miles’), a highly prestigious race in which two drivers shared the wheel of the white GT Malzoni in 1966. One was called Jan Balder, the other was a certain Emerson Fittipaldi who was about to take a step up into Formula 1. Jan Balder ask Miguel Crispim, VEMAG’s race mechanic, if he could loan one of the three cars. And there car, according to Crispim, had a 1000 cc engine and not 1100 like the other cars. It was less powerful, so they had a chance to finish the race. These "inexperienced boys of 18 years" were both making waves at Interlagos, pushing their little DKW with its four-speed gearbox along for 1000 miles.


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