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1968 DKW Munga

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The DKW Munga was a DKW-branded off-road vehicle built by Auto-Union in Ingolstadt, Germany. The name Munga comes from the German phrase Mehrzweck Universal Geländewagen mit Allradantrieb, which translates as “multi-purpose universal off-road car with all-wheel drive”. Production began in October 1956 and ended in December 1968. During this time 46,750 cars were built. The 38th International Motor Show at Frankfurt in the autumn 1957 was a great success for Auto-Union and the Munga was launched around this time. The vehicle, which has extraordinary stamina, was not only adopted by the West German Bundeswehr as a vehicle unique in its class but was also bought in large numbers for the German Border Police and various foreign military formations within NATO. The civilian version of the Munga was widely adopted in West Germany for agricultural and forestry work in particular, and also became popular abroad, especially in those countries where “go anywhere” transport was needed because of poor roads, such as large parts of South America and South Africa. Supplied with a German Fahrzeug Brief, this lovely example is described to be in very good condition throughout. Despite the great importance the Munga has had in the past, as a military vehicle amongst other services, the Munga has flown somewhat under the radar, making it great value for money compared to many similar military service vehicles, and a desirable investment prospect. Offered at No Reserve on 18th May 2019 at Chiswick House. View 1968 DKW Munga For Sale on Coys.co.uk for further details.

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as of 5/18/2019

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Voiture 1968 Auto-Union Munga
N° d'identification du véhicule 3038028800 
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