1999/9 Aston Martin V8 Coupe79,950 GBP - Prix demandé
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as of 7/22/2019

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Caractéristiques principales
Voiture 1999/9 Aston Martin V8 Coupe
N° d'identification du véhicule SCFDAM259VBR 79079 
Couleurs - extérieur / intérieur      Bleu Rolls Royce Montrose Blue /      Rouge Parchment piped Pacific Blue 
Enregistrement V 80 AML 
Condition Exceptionnel 
Kilométrage 37.975  
Configuration Conduite à droite 
Boîte de vitesses Automatique 
Options Electronique: Air conditionné, Audio haut de gamme, Fenêtres électriques, Régulateur de vitesse, Sièges électriques
Extérieur: Jantes en alliage
Intérieur: Airbags, Habillage bois, Intérieur cuir, Volant cuir
Mécanique: ABS, Convertisseur Catalytique (CAT), Direction assistée 
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Voir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voiture
Voir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voiture
Historique connu

One of the very last of the hand-built Aston Martins, this lovely car was registered first by Grange Aston Martin as a demonstrator on 29th September 1999 and remained in their care until August of the following year when it was transferred to the appropriately named Peter James Bond!


He owned the car for two years before selling it to Jonathan Durden who owned the car for just over a year before it was registered in the name of dealer, Lancaster Cars who then sold the car in September 2004 to the current owner.


A businessman with offices in London and New York, the car has divided its time between the owner’s London home and a discreet storage facility in Hampshire while the owner is the other side of the Atlantic – this would account for the fact that although it has been the owner’s main car, the mileage total remains modest.


But modest mileages have not stopped the regular maintenance of the car and, as a result she presents beautifully and drives perfectly. It is perhaps a mark of that excellence that returning to his car outside his apartment in London, the owner found a postcard on the screen.


It was from John Heffernan who with Ken Greenley designed the car for Aston Martin alongside the contemporary Bentley Continental – he remarked on how nice it was to see one of “his” cars being used.


Over the past 2/3 years, the market has come to recognize the value of the classic V8 Coupe. Some of the last hand-built Aston Martins from their traditional home at Newport Pagnell – they are identified as landmark cars.


In conversation with a previous Registrar of the AMOC, the current owner discovered that the paint finish on the car, Montrose Blue, was a unique choice – the only car produced in that colour.


But the real reason this car will be chosen by its next owner is its outstanding condition, its history and the pleasure derived behind the wheel – a useable and beautiful classic Aston Martin.