1933 Auburn 8-101 Phaeton Sedan 

1933 Auburn 8-101 Phaeton Sedan

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In 1928 Auburn introduced two Lycoming-powered eight-cylinder engines, one rated at 88 horsepower and the other at 115 horsepower. These became the bases for the 8-88 Model and the 8-115 Model; their designation obviously in reference to the engine. These new models were given hydraulic drum brakes to aid in stopping power and to help keep the Speedsters in the driver’s control. The styling was performed by either Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky or possibly Al Leamy. Al Leamy was a recent addition to the Auburn staff and would become famous in the years to come, with the design of the L-29 Cord automobile. In 1932, the Styling remained mostly unchanged; mechanically, things were different. A new Startix automatic starter was added; Custom models were fitted with Delco ride regulations which were shock absorbers that were adjustable from the driver’s compartment. This allowed a softer or firmer ride depending on the drivers needs at the time. Custom models also were given a vacuum-controlled two-speed axle known as Dual Ratio. This also gave drivers the freedom of selecting a 4.54:1 or 3.00:1 gear ratio. The 4.54 offered better performance while the 3.00:1 had better economy. In 1933, a Salon version was added to both the 8- and 12-cylinder series. The company Auburn was acquired by Cord and the Auburns where produced beside the Duesenbergs and Cords of the 1930s. This 8-101 is named “Pheaton Sedan” because of its 4 doors and “suicide doors” body style. Finished in a very elegant shade of green with tasteful chrome detailing, the exterior is matched beautifully by the leather interior and convertible roof, which we understand works perfectly. The 4.4 liter Lycoming 8 cylinder engine runs extremely well and is known for its reliability, and the transmission shifts perfectly. Having being imported into Europe with taxes paid, this fine 1930s tourer is ready to be enjoyed once more. View 1933 Auburn 8-101 Phaeton Sedan For Sale on Coys.co.uk for further details.

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Voiture 1933 Auburn 8-101 Phaeton Sedan
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Voir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voitureVoir toutes les images de cette voiture
Voir toutes les images de cette voiture