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Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder s/n 1663GT

Collectors Corner - Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder

Created 2007 ... Updated 2022... Updated 2024 February 26 ... List last change of ownership...

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Scaglietti Spyder s/n 0732TR

Collectors Corner - Ferrari 250 Testarossa

Created 2008 ... 2024 February 09 ... List last change of ownership added


The Ferrari 250 TR -...

Ferrari 250 GTO s/n 3223GT

Collectors Corner - Ferrari 250 GTO '62

Updated 2024 February 09 ... List last change of ownership added


The Ferrari 250 GTO expresses...

Ferrari 212 Inter Vignale Coupe s/n 0111ES

Collectors Corner - Ferrari 212 Inter & Europa

The 212 Inter and Europa series of cars were built between late 1950 and 1953, and are the most...


Growth for a strong future for Mercedes-Benz Heritage GmbH

• Acquisition of components of the former Kienle Automobiltechnik GmbH

• A further step in the...


Super-Wings ... Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupé

• The brand presented the super-sportscar in February 1954 – 70 years ago

• The upward-opening...

Courtesy Forbes Magazine

Steve Forristall's Expansive Historic Archive - a Treasure Trove for Collectors

Over 700 historic files, with photos, on important Ferraris, Maserati and Alfa Romeos hold...


"Pininfarina Classiche" - the Certification Program for Classic Cars

Pininfarina launches "Pininfarina Classiche"

the certification program for classic cars


Ferrari 166 Inter Touring Coupe rebodied with Stabilimenti Farina s/n 007S

Collectors Corner - Ferrari 166 Inter

The 166 Inter model was the road-going version of the sports racing “Mille Miglia” model, and a...

Ferrari 250 MM Vignale Spyder "Series II" s/n 0390MM - de Portago / Schell

Collectors Corner - Ferrari 250 MM

The Ferrari 250 MM was the race model for the 1953 season.

Ferrari 250 LM Scaglietti Berlinetta s/n 5893

Collectors Corner - Ferrari 250 LM

Updated 2024 January 06 ... List last change of ownership added


The Ferrari 250 LM name makes...


Bentley Blower Jnr Begins Durability Testing With a Christmas Mission

- Bentley Blower Jnr begins 5,000 miles of durability testing across three continents

- Extensive...

Ferrari 212 Export Vignale Coupe s/n 0096E

Collectors Corner - Ferrari 212 Export

Created 2007 ... Updated 2023 December 18 ... List last change of ownership added

In 1951 Ferrari...

Feature display of no less then eight 166 MM Touring Barchettas

Collectors Corner - Ferrari 166 MM & Export

Updated 2023 December 18 ... List last change of ownership added


From 1948 until 1953 Ferrari...


The “Blitzen-Benz” was the fastest car in the world in 1909 ... reaching over 200 km/h

Four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 21.5 litres and 147 kW (200 hp)

Magic mark of 200 km/h...


Motoring Literary & Art Festival was held in the ‘The Wing” building at the Silverstone circuit

Silverstone, 02-03 December, 2023

The inaugural Motoring Literary & Art Festival was held in the...


Bentley Bears are Driving Home for a Cuddly Christmas

Bentley presents four adorable new bears; furry and adorable characters looking for lovely...


"Best of Rosso Corsa" - 2024 Calendar

The 40th anniversary edition of the iconic calendar features foreword page showing all 40 titles. A...


TAG Heuer x Porsche – Legends of Panamericana: two brands, one project

• Binding: the Carrera legend and the long-term partnership with TAG Heuer

• Inspiring: the...


Hypercar – From Vaccarella to Giovinazzi, The Italian “Kings” of Le Mans

Maranello, 7 July 2023A childhood dream invigorated by the cachet of an event transcending...


Hypercar – The History of Ferrari Endurance Racing at Monza

Maranello, 28 June 2023The legend of a circuit known as the ‘Temple of Speed’ has been built up...


Icons and one-off cars from the Porsche Museum at the ‘FuoriConcorso’

Dreams at Lake Como. Open-air exhibition for car fans / motto: ‘75 years of Porsche sports cars’


The Bentley Le Mans Collection - Celebrating Shared History

• Le Mans Collection marks 20th anniversary of Bentley’s sixth victory at the world’s most iconic...


Collectors Corner ... The Mercedes-Benz 600 “Grand Mercedes” celebrates its premiere in 1963

Highest levels of passenger comfort and safety and outstanding performance



5,000th Cup 911 features in the Porsche Supercup as the VIP vehicle

Seven generations: Porsche 911 Cup is one of the most widely produced racing cars


Elvis’ BMW 507 zieht dauerhaft ins BMW Museum ein. Raum „Technik. Rock 'n' Roll & Roadster. Wiederbelebung einer Ikone.“ eröffnet.

Der geschichtsträchtige BMW Roadster von Elvis Presley erstrahlt vollständig restauriert und in...


Ferrari at Sebring … A History of Endurance Racing Success

Maranello, 7 March 2023Sebring – the track built on the site of a US military airport –...


Recommissioned: Porsche preserves the history of the 959 Paris-Dakar ... On display at the Retro Classics exhibition

A car that can survive 14,000 kilometres in the deserts and savannahs of Africa can go anywhere in...


Seventy five years of Porsche sports cars: Porsche celebrates a success story

In 1948, Ferry Porsche realised his dream of a sports car: with his team, he produced the Porsche...


Rally designs of the 1970s ... Historic decorative wraps for the 911 Dakar

Stuttgart, 10th January, 2023The rally history of the Porsche 911 well away from paved roads began...

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