Ferrari Tribute to 1000Miglia
The Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia will follow the annual classic race for vintage cars.
When13 - 17 juni 2023 (5 days) 
WhereBrescia ľ Rome ľ Brescia

Brescia BS

Ferrari, the prestigious luxury carmaker and worldwide symbol of Italian automotive excellence, wishes to once again pay homage to the 1000 Miglia, and to the charm of this timeless event, walking hand in hand with The Red Arrow.

As usual, the event will start and finish in Brescia with its turning point in Rome. The owners of Ferraris built before 1957 will take part in the regularity race. However, alongside them Ferrari Tribute customers will be invited to participate with their cars of all eras in a similar regularity race that will run on the same route. The customers will motor along scenic roads that have shaped the history of world motor racing, paying homage to the exploits of drivers such as Clemente Biondetti, Giannino Marzotto, Luigi Villoresi, Eugenio Castellotti and Piero Taruffi.