Inca Trial
32-day adventure through South-America
When24 oktober - 24 november 2024 
Maximilianstraße 2
Buenos Aires C1420

Starting from Buenos Aires we will follow the coastline south the first three day’s to reach Puerto Madryn where we will enjoy our first rest day and first excursion. Apart from rallying we will find time for you to relax and see the sights! Whale watching it is in Puerto Madryn before we head inland towards Bariloche for the next rest day. One of the best hotels in the whole of South America and a frequent holiday place for the Dutch king and queen.


On our way to the next rest day in the Atacama Desert we pass the Mendoza wine region and we will not do so without having a bit of a tour and taste, obviously.


Our first border crossing into Chile before we head to San Pedro de Atacama for the meanwhile well-deserved rest day in friendly Chile. After only 2 days in Chile we will pass into Peru to possibly the friendliest culture in the world. Here we will cross the highest lake in the world, Lake Titicaca, go and see the Condors, the Nasca lines and we will spend a few day’s in Cusco to be able to see Machu Picchu.


Onto Bolivia and the largest salt lake with a salt crust of over 6 meters thick. We planned a special something on there for you. You might have heard about the hotels made from blocks of ice in Finland in the wintertime? Here they have hotels made from blocks of salt…


From here it is an easy run back into Argentina and to the Iguazu waterfalls where we will have another rest day to again enjoy the sights. We will have a good 27 day’s behind us by now so we will start our preparations for the finish in a few day’s in Rio de Janeiro.