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Passione Engadina
Italian classic cars manufactured up to 1992.
When26 - 28 augustus 2022 (3 days) 

7500 St. Moritz
Contact+41 (0)81 834 56 66 (Phone)


Julius Baer Rally

The itinerary will see you driving along some of the region’s most dazzling mountain roads and passes: the Bernina Pass, the Umbrail Pass and the Ofen Pass, to enjoy fully your classic cars, surrounded by breath-taking landscapes and time regularity trials.

Ladies’ Cup

An all-women competition during which crews made by two Ladies challenge each other to the tenth of a second to get, besides the prize up for grabs, the winner title. And this with all due respect to the male universe.

St. Moritz Challenge Cup

A competition on Samedan airport’s strip, in which it will be a pleasure to admire all the gorgeous cars challenging each other in a battle of time trials and then parade all together towards the venue of Eleganza in Movimento.